Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Leela's
Leela- 1 - Baba Literally Went beyond the seven seas to rescue a Bhakta   Leela- 2 - Baba Saved a devotees husband from Pneumonia Leela- 3 - Two Gentlemen from Goa & their fullfillment of Vows
  Leela- 4 - Baba's Leela on Photograph   Leela- 5 - Baba's Blessing to R K Gadgil Leela- 6
 Leela- 7   Leela- 8 Leela- 9
  Leela-10    Leela-11 Leela-12
 Leela-13    Leela-14 Leela-15
 Leela-16    Leela-17 Leela-18
Leela-19    Leela-20 Leela-21
Leela-22    Leela-23 Leela-24
Leela-25 Leela-26 Leela-27
Leela-28 Leela-29 Leela-30
Leela-31 Leela-32 Leela-33
Leela-34 Leela-35 Leela-36
Leela-37 Leela-38 Leela-39
Leela-40 Leela-41 Leela-42
Leela-43 Leela-44 Leela-45
Leela-46 Leela-47 Leela-48
Leela-49 Leela-50 Leela-51
Leela-52 Leela-53 Leela-54
Leela-55 Leela-56 Leela-57
Leela-58 Leela-59 Leela-60
Leela-61 Leela-62 Leela-63
Leela-64 Leela-65 Leela-66
Leela-67 Leela-68 Leela-69
Leela-70 Leela-71 Leela-72
Leela-73 Leela-74 Leela-75
Leela-76 Leela-77 Leela-78
Leela-79 Leela-80 Leela-81
Leela-82 Leela-83 Leela-84
Leela-85 Leela-86 Leela-87
Leela-88 Leela-89 Leela-90
Leela-91 Leela-92 Leela-93
Leela-94 Leela-95 Leela-96
Leela-97 Leela-98 Leela-99
Leela-100 Leela-101 Leela-102
Leela-103 Leela-104 Leela-105
Leela-106 Leela-107 Leela-108
Leela-109 Leela-110 Leela-111
Leela-112 Leela-113 Leela-114
Leela-115 Leela-116 Leela-117
Leela-118 Leela-119 Leela-120
Leela-121 Leela-122 Leela-123
Leela-124 Leela-125 Leela-126
Leela-127 Leela-128 Leela-129
Leela-130 Leela-131 Leela-132
Leela-133 Leela-134 Leela-135
Leela-136 Leela-137 Leela-138
Leela-139 Leela-140 Leela-141
Leela-142 Leela-143 Leela-144
Leela-145 Leela-146 Leela-147
Leela-148 Leela-149 Leela-150
Leela-151 Leela-152 Leela-153
Leela-154 Leela-155 Leela-156
Leela-157 Leela-158 Leela-159
Leela-160 Leela-161 Leela-162
Leela-163 Leela-164 Leela-165
Leela-166 Leela-167 Leela-168
Leela-169 Leela-170 Leela-171
Leela-172 Leela-173 Leela-174
Leela-175 Leela-176 Leela-177
Leela-178 Leela-179 Leela-180
Leela-181 Leela-182 Leela-183
Leela-184 Leela-185 Leela-186
Leela-187 Leela-188 Leela-189
Leela-190 Leela-191 Leela-192
Leela-193 Leela-194 Leela-195
Leela-196 Leela-197 Leela-198
Leela-199 Leela-200 Leela-201
Leela-202 Leela-203 Leela-204
Leela-205 Leela-206 Leela-207
Leela-208 Leela-209 Leela-210
Leela-211 Leela-212 Leela-213
Leela-214 Leela-215 Leela-216
Leela-217 Leela-218 Leela-219
Leela-220 Leela-221 Leela-222
Leela-223 Leela-224 Leela-225
Leela-226 Leela-227 Leela-228
Leela-229 Leela-230 Leela-231
Leela-232 Leela-233 Leela-234
Leela-235 Leela-236 Leela-237
Leela-238 Leela-239 Leela-240
Leela-241 Leela-242 Leela-243
Leela-244 Leela-245 Leela-246
Leela-247 Leela-248 Leela-249
Leela-250 Leela-251 Leela-252
Leela-253 Leela-254 Leela-255
Leela-256 Leela-257 Leela-258
Leela-259 Leela-260 Leela-261
Leela-262 Leela-263 Leela-264
Leela-265 Leela-266 Leela-267
Leela-268 Leela-269 Leela-270
Leela-271 Leela-272 Leela-273
Leela-274 Leela-275 Leela-276
Leela-277 Leela-278 Leela-279
Leela-280 Leela-281 Leela-282
Leela-283 Leela-284 Leela-285
Leela-286 Leela-287 Leela-288
Leela-289 Leela-290 Leela-291
Leela-292 Leela-293 Leela-294
Leela-295 Leela-296 Leela-297
Leela-298 Leela-299 Leela-300
Leela-301 Leela-302 Leela-303
Leela-304 Leela-305 Leela-306
Leela-307 Leela-308 Leela-309
Leela-310 Leela-311 Leela-312
Leela-313 Leela-314 Leela-315
Leela-316 Leela-317 Leela-318
Leela-319- Baba Helped me in my Work Leela-320 - Power of Reading Baba's Story Leela-321 - Sairam is the ultimate support System
Sai Leela-322- Baba made me realise my mistake

Sai Leela-323 - Baba's Leela for normal delivery  

Sai Leela -324-Baba cure's the Stomach Pain
Sai Leela - 325 -Baba Helped me in my office problem Sai Leela - 326 - Baba helped me in my Promotion Sai Leela - 327 - Baba shows the right way for his devotees
Sai Leela - 328 - Baba helped me get seat in AIIMS Sai Leela - 329 - Baba took my brothers pain & Suffering Sai Leela - 330 - Baba gives answer via Satcharithra
Sai Leela - 331 - Blessing of Baba Sai Leela - 332 - Baba's Promise came out True Sai Leela - 333- Sai Kripa
Sai Leela - 334 - I will there before my devotees Sai Leela - 335 - Sai Cured my Daughter's Health Sai Leela - 336 - Baba Helped me Conceive
Sai Leela - 337 - My Belief & Experience of Baba Sai Leela - 338 - Baba's Blessing to get a Job Sai Leela - 339 - Power of Udi
Sai Leela - 340 - Baba's Miracle in my Life Sai Leela - 341 - Baba's Miracle on Udi Sai Leela - 342 - Baba Cured my Daughter & i got my lost Thing
Sai Leela - 343 - Baba cant see his children's in Trouble Sai Leela - 344 - Innumerable Miracle of Sai Baba Sai Leela - 345 - Baba with me all the times
Sai Leela - 346 - Miracles of Udi Sai Leela  - 347 - Baba saved our House from Flooding Sai Leela - 348 - Fever Subsided due to Grace of Sai Vibhudi
Sai Leela - 349 - Baba's entry & Blessing in to our Life Sai Leela - 350 - Immovable Faith in Sai Baba Sai Leela - 351 - Sai, The Saviour of my Hope & Prayers
Sai Leela - 352 - Baba Blessed me with a baby boy Sai Leela - 353 - Baba's Grace & Multiple Experience Sai Leela - 354 - Baba lives on those who have faith & Patience
Sai Leela - 355 - When there is an creation there should be a creator Sai Leela - 356 - Baba helped me to find my father's finger ring Sai Leela - 357 - Saibaba's Timely Response


Pls Note:

1) The above Leela's are taken from many Books / Website of Shirdi Sai Baba / Experience Shared from Devotees.

2) The above contents will not be used for any commercial activity.

3) The above leela's are being consolidated here for devotees to read and experiment the Leela's of Baba.

4) If there is any discrepancy in the Leela's please feel free to write back to us.