Leela -243 - Saibaba helped us in the most impossible situation 

 I stay in Pune with my mother. This year February my mom and I had travelled to Jalandhar to visit my brother. We spent good 10 days in Jalandhar. Our return flight was from Delhi so we took a train from Jalandhar to Delhi to catch flight from Delhi. Our Delhi flight was at 9 pm and we reached Delhi at 11 am, well before time. We had so much time to kill. So mom and I decided to do a bit of shopping in Chandni Chowk. We decided to keep our luggage in a cloak room in Metro station and proceed towards Chandni Chowk via metro; all this process took us almost an hour. We reached Chandni chow exactly at 12, there we decided that we will finish whatever shopping by 4pm so that we don't have to face the last minute rush. We were carefully roaming around keeping a track on the watch all the time.

As we were approaching towards our deadline we proceeded towards the metro station and there my mom got attracted to few of the salwar suits which were on display she said wait for 5 minutes, let me check these, even I thought 5 minutes wouldn’t make much difference .Anyways I thought we had ample time in hand. Without us realising we spent more than half an hour in that shop. Then I realised and told mom to hurry up as we might be late to catch the flight. When we reached the Chandni Chowk metro station the ticketing counter was long and it took us almost 50 minutes to get the token. By then we both started panicking thinking we might miss our flight. Our luggage was in the cloak room at a different metro station. So many things to do and literally had no time. I was continuously chanting Sairam and shouting at my mom at the same time as she was just walking too slowly. We had to cross many lifts and elevator in metro stations. The moment we reached the station where our luggage was kept, there was a ward boy with trolley asking airport. I told him we are yet to take token for the airport and also I have to realise my luggage from the cloak room. He guided us and was running together with us. He also told us you buy the token I'll go with your mom fort the luggage to save time. He was an angel sent by Sai Baba or Sai Baba Himself. It happened seamlessly within the next 10 minutes we were in metro. If he had not there to help us we would have wasted half an hour more in the metro station. Locating different counters; however him being with us, we saved all time.

When we boarded the metro for airport it was 6:30. Still in a panic mode when I asked the co passenger how much time would it take to reach aero city station he said 40 minutes and I had estimated on my mind 15 from aero city to airport. So we would reach airport before 7:45. p.m. The feeling made me feel little better. Told mom to relax we would reach in time and thanked Baba at the same time. We reached aero city exactly at 7:10 and we quickly rushed towards the exit to locate the airport shuttle. We booked the shuttle and I and mom patiently waited for shuttle to arrive. We waited for almost 15 minutes, the shuttle didn’t come. When I enquired with people around they said the traffic was too bad that's why it was taking time. We were almost in tears I decided to book an auto, however the auto drivers were denying to go towards the airport. Then I decided to book an Ola. Then we saw a shuttle coming. It was a big ray of hope for us. We kept our luggage in the shuttle and boarded thinking we might be able to catch the flight. By the time we reached airport it was 8 pm. We quickly grabbed the trolley and proceeded towards the checking counter. It was a long rush and I requested people in front to let me in front as I have a next flight to catch. They cooperated with me, but when I reached the counter to my surprise I realised the Indigo system was slow. I had done web check-in and just needed to deposit the luggage. Then I asked her how long do I wait, she said it was system error, she couldn't say anything. When I asked her how could they not have a solution? She directed me to a different counter which was in the opposite direction. I told my mom to follow me and quickly went as every second was precious for us. When we reached that counter I realised within two minutes there were more than 50 passengers yelling and howling to the representatives there for the same problem as all of them had flight in next 30,40 and 50 minutes like ours. It was impossible for me to overtake them with so much of bags with me.

I was only chanting Baba’s name in my heart. I asked my mom to wait with luggage and went with the web boarding passes towards the counter. As soon as that lady at the counter was done with one passenger I put my passes on her desk and took her name written on the name badge with teary eyes 'Poonam' you are my only saviour now. She looked into my eyes and was doing something on the system. That very moment none of the passengers said anything. I didn’t even hear the surrounding noise. I could feel the presence of God, my Sai. Then this Lady looked up and asked how many bags mam. That very moment I was confirmed that our work was done. It happened like a magic. Our Sai came as a rescue in such a crunch situation. Today while reading a devotees experience I had a feeling to share this Baba's miracle to all the Baba's devotees. Thank you all for reading this experience. Sorry if it was too long. Anantha koti Brahmanda Nayak Raja Dhiraj Par Abraham Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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