Saibaba's Love - Experience by Avinash Kaur - Part II


I kept Thursday fast for 2-3 times.It was my 9th Thursday fast and I distributed Kadi & Rice among poor children outside the Sai baba temple.Before distributing I offered it to Baba and my mother also accompanied me.On that particular night Sai baba appeared in my dream.He was wearing white greyish clothes, little dirty and wearing a safa on head.

In the dream I was at the place in the temple where we bow to Baba's pratima.In my dream my mother & my fiancee was also with me.He was standing in the same place just 2-3 steps behind us.Baba said "you gave me food to eat give me water to drink as well ,all your wishes will be fulfilled ".(tumne mujhe khana khilaya hai, mujhe paani bhi pilao tumhari sab ichcha puri hogI).

Then I woke up from dream.Next day I told it to my mother.After 2-3 weeks, It was again Thursday so me, my mother were going to Baba's temple.I remembered Baba's words.

I called to my fiancee and asked him to bring a beautifull cloth for baba and a bottle of water because we were already in the temple and there was no market near to that place.

We attended evening aarti and waited for my fiancee.He came with a beautifull yellow colour cloth and a bottle of water .I recollected in my dream I had seen my mother & my fiancee are together near Baba and same situation was here .

I gave the bottle of water to the priest and he offered it to Baba.It was a very beautiful moment.I could see dream turned into reality by Baba.

Thankyou Baba for accepting me.I always think that I am Baba's child and he always shows his leela to me and always cares for me.Jai Sai pita.



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