Leela -266 - Sai Proved That He will Take Care of His Devotees

Sai Devotee from US says: I have been living and working in the USA for past 8 years and been a Sai devotee since my early days bachelorhood in India. But I have been dedicated devotee after I got married and moved to USA. The experience I am sharing here proves that I am among the million devotees who have experienced Sai Maa's miracles and have constant faith in Him everyday.

Though I have experienced a miracle and received unconditional blessings from Sai in the past - I would like to share my most recent experience. It was the month of December and I decided to go to India for a visit after almost 8 years in the US - this visit was necessary for me to get my visa renewed because I had some business trips coming up later in the year. So all went well and I decided to get on a plane and believed that my visa renewal will go through successfully in a week and I can be back to USA. So I attended the visa interview and I believed it went throughout successfully because the counsellor did not ask me a lot of details and he collected my passport.

I came back from the consulate with a belief that I will get my visa next day and I can travel back to USA as planned. However, God had other plans - weeks went passed by and not until mid-January the consulate decided to give me an answer. Unfortunately, they returned my passport with no stamping on it and asked for more details. During those weeks in December and January while was in waiting, I visited Sai and made sure I saw His noon aarathi all Thursday's. Every week I would just wait for Thursday to come because that was my only peace amongst the stressful situation. So my passport was returned the day I came back from temple where I prayed Sai it had been so many weeks with no decision made, please help me with an answer. I am sure He heard me and gave me an answer however the issue was not over.

After few days I spent collecting the required documents, I went to the consulate once again and attended the interview where the officer asked me the complete additional process - with all the stress I completed the process and submitted the documents once again. By now it was almost last week of January and 6 weeks have passed since I first attended the interview. During this waiting time I was fortunate to have worked remotely and I never missed seeing noon aarathi on Thursday's. Weeks just flew and the month of February was also over and no news from the consulate and all over media news about administrative changes in the government were adding to the stress. Yet I had faith, prayers and saw His aarathi even if I was tired from working the whole night. First two weeks of March also passed and it was almost 14 weeks since I went to India - my plan was to be back in a week. Finally on a Thursday afternoon, just after coming back from noon aarathi - I hit the news that my visa was issued. It could have been any other day that this had happened during 14 weeks. But Sai blessed me and once again proved that He knows when to do the right things and reminds us that He is with us by conducting such miracles. As I am writing this, I am reunited with my family in the US and back to work after almost 15 weeks. Sri Sachidhanadha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai !!!!

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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