Sai Leela-321 - Sairam is the ultimate support system


I always call Shirdi Sai Samarth as my own grand father. My Sai grand Pa is showing his presence and support each and every second of my life. I take pride to say that each and every moment of breathe of mine is blessed by my grand father Sairam. Words will always fail to explain his leelas and for being my greatest support system.

My recent one : I had important personal work to be completed yesterday and i had applied leave for second half. Unexpectedly i got a urgent work in office which i can't avoid. That work doesn't seems to be completing in any near. I prayed to Sairam to let that work complete quickly. My previous experiences of picking such work had never completed on time.

I was feeling worried. After my prayer of few minutes, Sairam made me complete the work in fraction of minutes and i had plenty of time before i had to go. Our Sairam is the ultimate support system for entire universe. We are ever indebted to him .Bow to our beloved Sairam

 Sadguru SaiNath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Story has narrated by Sai Devotee - Mrs. Krithika Sundarajan

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