Sai Leela-341 - Baba's Miracle on Udi



First of all, I pray my obeisance to Sadguru Sai Nath, that, he gave me strength and courage to write down my experiences.

Sai Baba has given golden mantra of “Shraddha” and “Saburi” but I think, many a times, I shatter with situations and forget to pray at his holy feet But, He is wire-puller of my life. And I must confess, in terms of devotion, I am way behind.

I would like to narrate, an experience which made me bow down to his holy feet.

It is almost 5 years back, I was facing tough time. I used to ask Sai Baba questions and got answer to apply holy UDI regularly. Usually, I keep UDI with me but during that phase somehow, very little or no UDI was left with me. I was so disturbed from my mind during that phase that, I prayed to Baba from bottom of heart and help me out. One day I went to nearby shopping mall with family. After shopping we were approaching the bill counter and to the biggest surprise of my life, I saw packed UDI packet of Shirdi Sansthan at some distance from me. It was lying unattended. I went nearby, picked up the UDI packet, looked around that if it belongs to someone and might have mistakenly fallen but, there was no one to claim that UDI packet (I stood there for some time but no one approached to claim the UDI packet) and, at the same time, Sai Baba, made me remember my prayer, which made me surprised and indebted to SAI NATH. Till today, I wonder, how that UDI packet came near bill counter of shopping mall, who kept it? Why no one was around to claim that UDI packet? It was purely mercy of Shree Sai Nath. This made me believe that if we pray to him from pure heart, HE responds to us. I pray to Shree Sai Nath that keep showering his mercy on all his children. And I thank administrator of this portal for creating wonderful platform to share experiences.

Sadguru Shri Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jay"


Source: As narrated by a Baba devotee from India.


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