Sai healing wounds in legs by power of udi and dream

óBy Renuka Mohan

Usually for health related issues, people invariable pray Vaidheeswaran, as His name suggests, He is the doctor of all doctors. I have visited this temple recently. They give us tiny balls (Mann urundai probably, if I am not wrong), which is supposed to be the medicine to cure all the diseases, mental as well as physical.

Sai has done many wonders in our lives, He is the Vaiddeeswaran for me.

I will give you just one of our innumerable experiences.

One day, in May.2003, The doctors in M.S.Ramaiah Hospital here gave us a shock after examining Mohan's amputed leg. They said that even after continuous periodical check-ups and medication for more than 5 months,the injury on the cut bone doesnt seem to heal. Unless it gets healed completely, we can not be referred to the Artificial limb centre. They said that they have tried all powerful medicines, but in vain. They were discussing and arguing among themselves about the next course of action for speeding up the process of healing.Mohan was in tears. He was not able to go to the work sites. without inspection. his work can not move on. Many people have already started taking advantage of the situation.

That night I cried aloud in front of sai(I came to know of sai only on April 1st 2003. But within a month He came very close to me, He spoke to me almost daily in those testing days, through one channel or the other-how many dreams, how many visions, how many answers from SSc, Oh! Sai! I love you daa!)
I cried keeping my hand on the injured, dressed part of Mohan's leg. suddenly I came to a conclusion, took out the bandage, instead of applying Ointment, that night I applied only Udhi.

I had a dream that night that one of my father's muslim friends, (when I was very small, he used to come to my house very often, I was calling him as annachi. ) was holding Mohan's hands and saying:--Come on, you are going to do it, walk, umm, walk --in an ordering tone & I saw Mohan walking with a stick sort of thing. this dream inculcated confidence in both of us.that day, we as usual went for the dressing. The doctors were wonderstruck to see the wound completely healed.With tears in our eyes, I expalained to the Doctor that I applied only shirdi Sai's udhi the previous night. He agreed, yes this is a miracle he said, he took some photoes of Sai from us to distribute among the ailing patients.

Venkat, namma Sai babavai thavira oru periya Doctor undaa?

Udhiyai vida periya our marundhu dhan undaa.

Take care Venkat

Bholo sri Satchitanand Sadguru sainath Mahraj ki Jai

Sai Ram

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