Mr.Bhattacharya's Experience

—Bhattacharya Mrinal (Dhwarakamai Devotee)

I had a very very stressful event in 1998 and I was afraid of my life. I used to pray God and one morning I saw smiling face of Sai baba in dream. Subsequently I over came that crisis.Some time in 2000, I found a locket of Sai Baba in my then company’s guest house. I picked that up and since then I keep it as one of my most valuables.Though I knew about Sai baba but my devotion was not blind. But still, I used to keep that locket whenever I attended any important official work. In 2004 I got married and I was thrown into tremendous amount of problems. My mental peace was totally gone, could not sleep at night. My life was a hell. I had very serious problems in terms of all aspects of life…be it finance or family relationships. My in-laws were considering me a good-for nothing. My wife declared she would not live with my parents. I was totally disturbed, shattered. Some time at this point of time, I managed to visit Shirdi.

In 2006 I got a job offer in Middle East and submitted my resignation to my existing employer. After prolong severe mental stress I developed breathlessness by then. Though I inhaled but I felt I was not able to inhale enough air.Ultimately I had heart attack on June 2006, while I was in notice period and was in my office. My colleague rushed me to nearer nursing home. Just imagine my pathetic condition: I was in notice period, got heart attack, my bank balance probably in that time around Rs 45000. I had nothing more than that except Rs 10-15 thousand MF. My age was 34. I was staying in Navi Mumbai in rented house. And my only daughter was only 6 month old that time.
I requested my existing employer to allow me to withdraw my resignation. With MD’s approval, that was allowed and I got health insurance cover for the treatment. I was undergone Angioplasty in July 2006.

Since then I have been under medication. In Jan 2007, I got a job offer from UK and I came to London in April 2007. But life started taking a different turn. May be due to beta blocker medicine or may be due to heredity and constant sadness due to the relationship between my wife and Parents, I developed Diabetes. My fasting blood sugar was more than 150, and my HbA1C was around 7.0

At this time, the recession in Europe forced me to think how I could survive. However I managed to get a new job, but that company could not change my Work Permit and I was almost to loose that job. The HR of that company asked me to get my Visa renewed by myself. Earlier it was Work Permit visa. For that I needed Bank Statement for one year, which I had not kept. After a long struggle and waiting I managed to secure my Tier 1 visa and that company too employed me in June 2009.

I visited Shirdi in Aug 2010 and first time I received the Bhibhuti (the Udhi) while I was donating some money. (Just a question, how can people get the Bhibhuti if he is not making donation?)

Now I’ve repaid all loans including the house my father built for their staying with a hope to have full family living with them including mine. I managed to repay bank loan for one 2Bedrooms flat which I had purchased just before coming to UK as my wife was not ready to live with my Parents. And she was full supported by my in-laws.

While I was in India in Aug last year, I did blood test and my Liver function test, cholesterol and blood sugar…all was abnormal.I rubbed that bhibhuti (the Udhi) in my body and saw a dream of Sai baba’s lower part only with his hand blessing me. (Can’t remember which one happened first, whether I saw the dream first or rubbed the bhibhuti first, I think I rubbed Udhi first.).I back to London and did the blood test again. Surprisingly my cholesterol is now well below and in Good range, my blood sugar is showing massive improvement and most importantly, Doctor confirmed my body is producing enough insulin by doing a different blood test.

Now I am in London with my family and all, by Sai baba’s grace, is fine.

And personally I pray so my wife agrees to live with my parent and my daughter excels continuously in her all aspect of life. And Sai Baba. Please bless me to be very successful in my professional and personal life, Please !!!!

At last, I must say we need to do apart from spreading Sai leela, how we can able to feed and educate poor. Though India is growing, but question remains who in India is growing? How, we Sai devotees, can go forward by making arrangement for educating and feeding Poor as per Baba’s wish?

Joy Sai Baba!!!

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