Leela -269 - Baba helped me Getting my lost back bag

 I am a humble Baba's devotee and loves Baba very much. Baba bestowed His devotion on me in Feb 2013, since then I have been trying to surrender myself at His lotus feet unconditionally. Before narrating how Baba showed His mercy and got my office backpack experience, I first take a bow at His Moh Vinashak and Bhaya Vinashak feet! Whenever I travel for business or pleasure, I always carry my office backpack that includes my office laptop, other office related stuff and Baba’s Picture frame and books. Among all the bags that I would carry, during my travel, it’s the back pack that I am always attentive about it but still I was able to lose it. How Baba helped me getting my lost back pack back to me is my following experience:

We went to London and Paris during the spring break. My Friend and his family were flying to London from Abu Dhabi. We all landed safely at LHR airport, an hour later my friend and his family landed too and we together came outside after collecting all our bags from baggage claim. Since we were 2 families with 3 kids, so there were lots of bags, and we were carrying them in two luggage trollies. Each of, in addition, had their own backpack on their backs, I was carrying my office one. On the way out from LHR airport, we stopped by a cellular SIM kiosk and bought SIM for use in London and Paris. I was carrying a spare cell phone for that purpose and it was in my office backpack. I took off my backpack off my back and placed it on one of the bench near the kiosk to take out the cell phone. After handing over cell phone, I just walked to folks standing around our luggage trolley, while my friend was busy getting SIM at the kiosk. Meanwhile, my friend was also done and he indicated let’s go, we collected our stuff, I also picked up one of the backpacks from the trolley without realizing that it wasn’t mine but one of the rest of us, and headed towards metro station.

We took metro from LHR airport and came to our hotel near Hyde Park, it took like 40 minutes metro ride to get there. When we were checking-in into the hotel and that was when I realised that backpack I had been carrying was not mine but my little daughter’s. I freaked out and started looking for my backpack with a feeling that I’ve lost it. I checked with other folks in the group and looked into the remaining luggage but couldn’t find it. My Backpack, along with my office stuff, also contained Baba’s picture, Sai Satcharitra and my daily Naam Jaap book. Obviously, every one got upset, my wife was upset too but she mentioned you will find as it contains Baba’s picture frame and books. She and my friend suggested may be I left it either on the metro or at the airport. Every one recalled that I was carrying it on my backpack when we came out of the baggage claim area at the airport. After recalling the events, we all concluded that we left it near by the SIM kiosk while buying UK SIM for our cell phone. Now, we all started praying to Baba and His miracle to keep it safe and get it back to me. After check-in, me and my friend went back to the Airport, this was one of the longest drive back to airport, continuously praying to Baba throughout the ride for keeping it safe.

On reaching the airport, we ran towards the same SIM card kiosk, while I was asking the people at Kiosk, my friend went straight to the Airport Security enquiring about it. People at kiosk didn’t see or recall any orphaned backpack lying around and they suggested me to check with the airport security. I started looking for my friend and security personnel, I didn’t see my friend around, and that was when I got a feel that my friend had found it. My friend called me on my other US cell phone and asked me to turn around to locate him. When I turned around he was waving his hand along with a security personnel. I went running towards them and my friend then said it was with security, so “Chill”. I raised my both hands up in air and shouted “thank You Baba”! It was really a great feeling and my heart felt with tears and love towards Baba, thinking how He looks after us day in and day out and always.

It was Baba Who not only had security to attend to an “orphaned” backpack, considering security risks, but also to keep it safe and hold it for me. Typically, at LHR airport any unattended bags are confiscated and destroyed to ensure it doesn’t possess risks to the people at the airport. But, Baba had security personnel examine my backpack so that after examination they wouldn’t have found any reason to destroy it but rather hold it for possible return to its owner as the backpack contained many things that could have lead them to me, eventually. It was Baba Who inspired me to take my friend along with me to the airport because first I decided to go by myself thinking that everyone was tired after a long journey and why bother others but Baba inspired me to take my friend, so I changed my mind and requested my friend to come along and he was more than happy to come along. It was my friend who went straight to security and ensured that they had a backpack, as if he knew exactly where it was? It could be a common sense but when you are in trouble and nervous, the first thing that leaves you is the common sense and knowing my condition Baba inspired me to take my friend along with me. My Dear Baba, Aap Ke Shree Charan Kamal Pe Mera Koti Koti Pranaam!!! Om Sai, Shri Sai, Jai Jai Sai!!!

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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