Leela -252 - Baba blessed me with Child


Because of Baba, I got a child. He had done so many miracles in my life and He is doing still. I love You Baba. Dear Baba devotees, First of all we all should thank our Baba for choosing us and making us His devotees. It is a priceless one for us. It is an immense pleasure and joy to pray and to share our life with Baba. I am also one of His devotees. Here I am going to tell two of my experiences.

My first one is, after I finished my graduates I didn't get job for almost 10 months. Many of my college mates got job in MNC's. I felt bad at that moment. The luck was not in my hand at the time. I tried and studied a lot. Meanwhile I prayed all the Gods and believed everyone. One of my roommates told me about Baba and asked me to do Nav Guruwar vrat. With extreme hope and faith I did Nav Guruwar vrat. At that time I didn't know much about Baba. Because of my true belief the miracle happened in the last week of Nav Guruwar vrat. Yes I got a job in a company with a good salary. And also I got a job in a strong domain where none of my classmates got. I felt myself proud at that moment and it was all because of my God. After that I made myself as a Baba devotee and strongly conveyed my experience with everyone who were suffering with problems. And also stopped taking non-vegetarian on Thursday and used to fast my breakfast. I am following till now. The incident happened in 2011.

My second miracle is, I got married on Nov 2013. And got conceived in Feb 2014. Because of my health issue the baby was miscarried. I felt so bad and cried a lot. I prayed Baba a lot and asked why this was happened to me? Then I made myself strong and started doing Nav Guruwar vrat but vrat had gone endlessly. I had done it every Thursday. And again I conceived in Jan 2015 and again the baby got miscarried. This time I felt really, really bad and cried a lot. I was unable to face everyone at that moment as everyone was asking about my baby. At one point my husband also cried a lot. But he really supported me a lot and asked me to keep my faith in God. Kept myself very strong.

I had done prayers as usual. All of sudden I got conceived in March 2015. I thought that my Baba had answered my prayers and He never left His children. Doctor said my baby was too healthy and she was growing well. My belief grew more and more. By this blog I got to know about Sai Satcharitra. I started reading the book daily during my pregnancy. After reading the book I felt like Baba was with me all the time. He is not only staying in temples. He is staying everywhere. I am seeing Him in all places. Nowadays He is my everything. I am sharing my happiness and sorrow with Baba. I am feeling like He is my best friend. And my Lil princess was born with good health in Dec. 2015. As I wished to have Baba's name with my daughter's name, we added 'Sai' along with her name. Now she is fine and all because of Baba. She is our Baba's gift. I read more Sai experiences during my pregnancy that made me more confident and I wished to write my experiences. Thanks for the people who are doing an excellent work and make Sai devotee to connect to this site. Baba You are my everything. I still have two more miracles. I will do post in my next post. Baba be with me always. Even if I do anything wrong please, please correct me Baba. I am Your child as You are my Mother. You have to teach me. Om Sai Nano Namah. Sri Sai Namo Namah. Jai Jai Sai Namo Namah. Sadhguru Sai Namo Namah.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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