Leela -270 - Baba's Udi Miracle

 Im a very small devotee from Chennai and know Baba since my birth or from the day i started understanding god. My parents where an adherent devotee of Baba which led me to know baba from my earlier days. Baba has helped me several times and if i need to keep saying my Leela's it can be a book. Thats the grace of my Lord.

My latest Leela is i had a severe back pain due to strain and was not able to move or sleep. I visited my family doctor and he gave medicines but it reduced pain only for few hours and the pain kept on increasing. That night i was desperate that i should sleep because i didnt have proper sleep for the last 2 days due to this pain and expected that the medicine would help me to have a good sleep but soon after i slept the pain started increasing. I was not able to sleep in a position for 5 - 10 minutes also.

At one point i came to a decision that i will go to nearby hospital and get an injection as the pain was just increasing and i was not even able to lie down. I was sitting for a long time, seeing this my wife was so worried and she said we shall go to hospital. Being an adherent devotee at the time of distress first thing which should come to your mind was Baba, I kept chanting his name and finally asked my wife to bring the Baba's Udi which we had received from Shirdi.

My wife applied Udi on my back and also gave me some udi which i swallowed and woof Baba's leela the pain got reduced in next 5 minutes and it was like a pain killer injection. I slept after that and i will never forget that. It was painful days where you dont get your sleep and you had to go to office and work and Baba's UDI made the miracle.

Baba's UDI is a real medicine. JAI SAIRAM


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