Sai Leela-295- My Initial encounter with the Lord, he is omnipresent


Iím working as a software professional. Iím 27 years old. Today I feel blessed and accepted by Sai as I got a chance to put my experience on this wonderful blog. My heartfelt thanks to the people behind this work. Sai Baba drew me to His Feet this year 2017 on the Guru Poornima day. Iím not sure what made me visit Sai Temple near my place but I felt like reading Sai Satcharitra then onwards (Until then although I had the book and I hadnít paid much interest).

Experience 1 - I had been to my native to visit our house deity Shiva. Those were the initial days I had been drawn to Saiís feet. Everyday I used to listen to Sai Leelaís song before I started my day but on the visit to my native I was not able to listen to the song. As I was approaching the Shiva temple I thought to myself today I havenít listened to the song and felt bad. We reached the temple and while parking the car there was a song played loudly in temple premises. To my surprise this was the very same Sai Leelaís song that I used to listen to every morning. My joy knew no bounds and I was really happy to experience this. Our Sai is omnipresent.

Experience 2 - I read this blog almost everyday and it creates a powerful energy of faith every time I relate the experiences put up here; to mine. One day I was waiting for a message from a person very anxiously. So the same day I read the devoteesí experience on this blog and it seemed to be a similar experience. The person who had written her experience prayed to Sai Baba that if she receives a message she would post her experience. Seeing that I thought of the same thing. No longer did I even think of this I received the message and I was really happy. Hence posting this experience.

I still have a bunch of experiences that I will post in future. Devotees please remember this, Sai is never going to leave His children. All He expects from us is Shraddha and Saburi. I understand sometimes it really gets difficult to hold on but holding on makes it all the more fruitful. So never looe hope.

Sri Gurudeva Datta.

Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.




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