Stolen gold and cash returned back in 72 hours


I would like to share a wonderful experience with you all. How our Saima has saved us.

It was 14th August 2010 since morning I was restless for no reason and my elder daughter was suffering with slight fever and she is very obedient daughter and she never ask for anything or she cries for anything but that day since morning she was behaving very adamant and strange manner, her wish was to go to my brother house, she was very rigid on her decision finally me and wife decided to go and stay that night at my brothers home. I told my wife to go in the afternoon and I told them I will join them in the night after I finish my office work.

10:00 am I moved out of home to office while driving I saw so many stickers of BABA, Idols, From my home office is around 2kms with in this short span of time i could see more then 20 to 25 stickers of BABA in various vehicles back side. I felt happy thinking that BABA is blessing me. My wife called me that they reached my brothers place and my daughter is absolutely normal without fever and she is busy playing with her cousins.

Evening I started from office to my brotherís place again I saw BABA pictures in all the places, then I felt BABA is trying to convey some message and I felt something is somewhere is wrong or it is going to be wrong I immediately called to my wife and enquired about all family members by godís grace everything is fine she said, I was little relaxed but my heart was not fully satisfied. I prayed BABA to care of our family and friends.

I reached my brothers home and we all of us had good time and we slept in our brothers home but my hear t was still searching for some answer i could not able to sleep properly. Next day 15th August we got ready to get back to our home but my brother insisted to stay back and finish dinner in the night, then go. I said itís ok. We finished our dinner and we reached back our home around 09:00 pm, I told my wife to go up I will return in 10 minutes.

By the time I came back I saw my wife and kids were standing down only, to my surprise I asked what happened why are you standing here? With lot of shivering she told me our home is robbed we lost everything and she broke into tears. For a moment even I was in a shock and did not know what to do? My mom called my brother with in no time friends and my brother arrived and started giving me strength.

By the time we came out of shock it was 11:00 PM we called police they came and asked all the relevant questions and took our FIR and they said we will do our best. Our family members were totally in tears and depression. Every day I used to go to Police station and ask about any hope, I went to BABA temple and sat in front of him and talked to him whole heartedly. Suddenly some kind of strength I felt I got, next day morning I received a call from police station they said they could able to find some clue, if it clicks we might get break through.

We went to some locations but we could not able to get breakthrough like that we went next day some hope developed but we could not able to catch the thief. Next day while going I carried MIRACLE BOOK with me as you aware MIRACLE BOOK speaks ďSolve your unsolved problems by reading Miracle bookĒ that day I felt very confident.
I went to Police station and they asked me to accompany me also along with them. We reached target place around 10:30 pm they attacked on thiefís place, caught the thief red handed.

We went to police station and they recovered almost 90% of the gold and cash from the thief. Bye the time entire process got over it was morning 02:00 am, all my family members and well wishers felt so happy. Before going home that morning around 02:15 am I straight went to BABA temple I bowed my head in front of BABA and tears from my eyes were unstoppable.

Later I sat and started analysing entire process, BABA was so caring and concern towards our family first he made sure that we all of us out of the place so that no harm should happen to our family members thatís why through my daughter he made us move out of the home, I just canít imagine what would have happened if we were at home as I have two small daughters elder one is 5 years and younger one is 2years, and he was continuously with me all through the day.

What to describe BABA leelas, he is so kind and caring for his devotees, as he always sayís if any one who takes my shelter I will always take care and protect them. Let me tell you all the worth which I was lost was around 15Lakhs that includes gold and some cash. After entire investigation over the Officer called me one evening and he told me in my entire career I have not seen a case is solved in 4 days, you are very lucky and I still feel itís like a miracle. I said yes indeed itís a miracle.

I thank baba for taking care of our family and our property and I Bow my head in at lotus feet of BABA and I request him to take care all of us.



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