At every opportunity, Chidambar R.K.Gadgil visited Shirdi for Baba’s darshan. This was easy at first, as he was the Personal Assistant to the Collector of Ahmadnagar district. Then he worked as a Mamlatdar in Sinnar. Time and again he came to Shirdi and took Baba’s darshan.

Then he got transferred to a distant place, with the order ‘to join immediately’. He followed the orders, but with a heavy heart. The journey he took was via: Kopargaon yet he could not break his journey, and go to Shirdi. At Kopargaon, he was thinking how ‘futile it was, as he could not have Baba’s darshan being so close to Shirdi’. Just as he thought this, a packet containing Udi was thrown in his lap. He looked out of the window to see who had done this, but could not find anybody. He reverentially picked up the packet and kept it safely. Some time later he got a chance to visit Shirdi when Baba said, “Even though you could not visit Shirdi did I not give you My Udi at Kopargaon?” Gadgil was filled with joy at Baba’s love and concern, so he put the Udi in a Talisman and wore it constantly.

“I am absolutely in the power of My devotees and stand by their side. For ever I am hungering after their love and readily answer their call in distress,” said Baba to Dada Bhatt (Sai Satcharithra Ch-11). When Dr.Pandit applied sandal paste to Baba’s forehead with love.

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