Leela -261 - Baba Fullfilled one of my biggest Dream

I work as a software engineer in USA in a well reputed Retail Company. I came to know about Baba during my graduation days through my mother. I heard about Baba way before that through one of my childhood friends and family during my childhood. but only got connected to Him during my graduation days. It's, just like few great people say "You can only come close to Baba or any God, if you are blessed and at the right time and moment". Jai Sai Paramatma.

I always felt that Baba was not just "Guru of Gurus" but "God of all the Gods", meaning Paramatma. Infact on some occasions, when I used to meditate on "OM", and desire to see some picture of God, I always see or imagine some or the other picture of Baba. It was always spontaneous and natural. Now, before I start detailing my experience, I first want to thank the administration for doing such a great service to all the devotees, by creating such a wonderful platform to share their experiences and emotions. You are all blessed souls and sure to get the ultimate moksha.

Coming to my experience, I heard about USA, living conditions out there, educational and job opportunities and life style way back in my 9th grade and got so deeply hooked and built up a strong desire to move to USA either after my Graduation or for job. Due to my bad luck and my carelessness, I failed in my 12th board exams and my desire got crushed. I failed in the supplementary exam as well. For 1 long year, I was in the house preparing to clear my 12th exam for the following year and also preparing for engineering entrance. I, somehow managed to clear my 12th exam, but couldn't get through my engineering entrance. I didn't want to lose another year for this and instead joined straight into B.Sc. That was the time when Baba came into my house and since then got so well connected to Him. I, however intermittently used to fight with Him for not fulfilling my immediate desire at that point, but then again used to apologize and get back to Him. It's like Baba holds my hand and never lets it go, just because I was mad at Him at that point of time. Jai Sairam.

Anyways, coming back to my experience, as time passed and post completing my Post graduation in computers, I somehow managed to get a job in IT firm. That was the time, when my hope and desire to go back to USA and build a house re-surfaced, but after my marriage was settled, my prospective wife was damn against going abroad, and that point of time my Dad was also not in support of me going abroad. It was like a lone battle in me between my desire and family support. My desire got crushed again. At this point of time, I more or less gave up on moving to USA. I started accepting my fate and left everything to Sai Paramatma. Days passed, and we built a house in India and slowly started settling down. I moved on too, assuming that Baba too wants me to settle down in India. However, this is Sai we are talking about Who never leaves His children’s dreams unfulfilled, if that dream is going to be good for them in all respects. I, one day casually bought up a point to my wife, "we bought a house on loan and will take lot of time to close the loan, so how about we go to USA for some time and then close the loan", and come back to India. Strangely, she agreed to it, which was the biggest surprise of my life. My dad too hesitantly agreed. It was the greatest moment of my life, it's like I moved a big mountain of obstacle, of course with Baba’s help and His blessings only.

We then moved to USA, land of opportunities and then after continuous persuasion, I got my wife agree to buy a house in USA as well, again Baba played another miracle. I had my first child born here in USA too. So it's like all the dreams slowly started getting fulfilled and by Baba's grace, we are having wonderful time. Jai Sainatha, please bless me, my entire family and all those devotees who reach out to You. As, I feel You are their only hope, Who can not only fulfil their desires, but also make them walk on the path for moksha. Jai Baba.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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