Sai Leela-344 - Innumerable Miracles of Sai Baba


I am Sai devotee from Montreal, Canada. I live with my husband and two kids. I have been a great devotee of Sai since my childhood. Sai Baba has done innumerable miracles in my life. This is my second time posting. My pranam to Shri Sai Baba and all Sai devotees. Sai Baba is my everything. Sometimes I wonder what to post, because Saiís miracles are countless. It happens with me almost everyday. Sai takes care of all my problems. Still posting one of the miracle that changed my brotherís and his wifeís life.

My brother got married in January 2012 and for the first few years they did not plan about having a baby. Later when they thought of planning for a baby, his wife was not conceiving despite having no complications and test results being normal. They started consulting fertility specialists. They were both heart broken, especially his wife. At that time, I started praying to Baba and asking Him to fulfil their wish. I told his wife about doing ďNav Guruvar Vrat. Ē She did the vrat and with Babaís blessings she conceived after finishing the 9th Guruvar. With Babaís grace and blessings, she delivered a healthy boy. Their happiness knew no bounds and so is mine. This would not have happened without Baba. This was one of the miracles and I have encountered many such miracles in my life.

I know itís getting long, still canít stop myself from sharing my experiences and miracles with other Sai devotees. Once I made a big error unknowingly while filling up a Government form for claiming money. I was confident that I did everything correct. Then, after a few days it was no one else expect for Sai Baba Who made me realize about my mistake and made me do the corrections. Still, there were many complications and problems that went on with the claim. I was praying to Baba wholeheartedly and asking Him to get me out of this problem. I didnít want to lose my own money. I never ask Baba to help me win a lottery, but it was my own money which I earned after doing hard work. I didnít want to lose it. I became very restless. I knew that Baba would do best for me, still being a simple human being; I had doubts in my mind. I am sorry Baba. Please forgive me. Then after a long time the claim was settled and with no problems I got my money back. Again, this would not have happened if Baba was not there with me. Thanks Baba again for everything that You have done for me and my family.

Please bless us all, keep us healthy always.

Forgive our sins. We are humans; we do sins knowingly or unknowingly.

ďOm Sai Ram.

Source: As narrated by Soma Chakraborty a Baba devotee from Canada.


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