Sai Leela-330 - Baba gives answer via Satcharithra



I have experienced a Leela before 6yrs, which has happened to my grandfather.

In the year of 2012, my grandfather got a kidney stone problem, but we were not there at home, as myself and my mother, father and brother went to Bangalore to attend a function which continued for 10 days. My grandparents and my grandfather's sister and her husband were alone at home.

One day when we were in Bangalore, early morning my grandfather got back and stomach pain again. Since all at home are aged and they were new to that place, my grandmother knocked the next door, they did not open the door, but my grandmother tried and tried and tried, and at last they opened the door and they drove my grandfather and my grandmother to the hospital.

He was admitted in the hospital. We were so much panicked, and we prayed Baba very sincerely. My grandfather's sister read Sai Satcharithra and we got an answer.

In Satcharithra, Baba gave the answer that " the victim will be relieved from pain and the stone will go by itself soon". This was the answer given by Baba. We were relieved and thanked Baba so much.

This shows how Baba always protect their devotees from problems and give answers whenever they need through Satcharithra.


Source: As narrated by Ms. Sreenidhi a devotee.

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