Sai Leela-282 - Chanting Baba's Name makes Miracle


I am from Andhra Pradesh. Basically, i am working as a probationary officer in a PSB. Baba please let me write the experience in a proper manner. One Friday i.e. after completion of 8th Thursday of my Nav Guruvar Vrat, i was just thinking of my frequently occurrence of many negative thoughts which i am unable to control. I used to pray Baba continuously please remove these bad thoughts, that day i prayed Baba that if at all You are there with me in removal of bad thoughts, please appear in the sky but i could not find anything in the form of Baba on the sky. Then i started saying to myself that Baba is not caring for me and He is not removing my bad thoughts, so i will not chant Baba's Name anymore. As usually, i went to the office but with a disturbed mood and my situations in the office with colleagues was even more disturbing that there is no peace of mind.

Being the in-charge of the concerned section, with lot of disturbances in mind, i did a mistake that approx. Rs.10 Crores amount was in risk. Even though mistake was realized in fraction of seconds, donít know how to handle the issue. Then i started making calls to related sections but none of them gave me a hope to put Rs.10 Crores out of risk, i was almost collapsed by this. I was continuously chanting "Om Sai Ram". Suddenly, i remembered that i have some contacts in my phone who are working in head office. Making a call itself i was even more tensed whether i am going to hear a positive hope or not. Chanting Baba's Name, praying Him, to my surprise they told we can make a remedy for that. Unbelievable miracle it is because until now no one told we can make a remedy and save the 10 Crores and i think one can imagine how my situation would be if there was no remedy, itís a matter of 10 Crore. Even we are angry on God, He will never be angry with us, only because of Baba, i was able to handle the situation. Thank You Baba for saving me from every complex situation. Baba, i want my parents to accept my loved one and let our marriage happen soon with all Your blessings and one more wish is i want me and my loved one to achieve group 1 officers in our first attempt itself. I wanted You to show the roadmap to achieve the goal and i know You will always be with us. Chant His Name, miracles happen. Om Sai Ram.



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