Sai Baba blessed us with the Child

óBy Sai Devotee Reena

We have been blessed with a baby boy and this is due to the grace of Baba. I suffered two miscarriages in the years 2007 and 2008 respectively and therefore, apprehensions of another pregnancy and maintaining it were high. Regardless of my losses, I decided to hold faith in Baba and remain loyal to Him and be patient. I prayed to Him for strength and to show me the way out of this.



We wanted a child desperately and that too, without losing anytime. We were married for 8 years already and then there was this problem that further age advancement could lead to problems in having children. I would repeatedly tell my husband that perhaps it would be best on our part to adopt and get rid of this tension.

My husband would say that we'll wait for another 2 years and see how things happen. During this period, I would often do Sai Parayan (reading of Sai Satcharita) for seven saptahs, this time not for a child in specific but for some peace of mind and to pray to Baba to show me a way out of this. I thus, completely surrendered myself to Baba and decided to wait on His decision. There are stories in Sai Satcharita about how Baba blessed childless couples and those stories would bring tears into my eyes.

Not only this but the parayan had a profound effect on me. I was drawing closer to Baba, my love for Him was growing and I could feel that I had nothing to think about other than Baba, nothing else to meditate upon and remember but Him all the time. I reached a stage where I was becoming detached with my sorrow and pain of not having a child. Rather, I was acquiring
interest in reading stories of Baba's lifetime, His contemporary saints and so on. It was as if, the goal of my life to love Baba whole-heartedly and to keep loving Him all the time.


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