Baba accepted the offering of Puran Poli in the Disguise of Ants


Once Nana saheb Chandorkar came to Shirdi at 12 noon and took darshan of Baba. Baba told Chandorkar that "He want to eat Puran Poli". Cbandorkar told to Baba that the time was more than 12 Noon and that he would offer Puran Poli tomorrow. Baba told that he wanted the Puran poli then itself. Even then Chan-dorkar told that it would take time upto 4PM. Baba told him "Nevermind for the time" Then Chandorkar came out of Dhwarakamai and searched a woman for its preparation. He secured a woman and told her to prepare Puran poli and that he would give Re. 1/- for one Puran Poli. She prepared the Puran polli. Chan≠dorkar gone to Baba with the plate of Puran Poli and placed before him. After some time Baba asked Chan≠dorkar to take away the plate and take his meals. Chan≠dorkar refused to take the plate as Baba has not eaten the Puran poli. Baba told him that "He has eaten it and asked him to eat." For this, Chandorkar gone ang≠rily to Chawadi. Baba called him and asked him to take the plate away and take his meals. Chandorkar again gone to Chawadi angrily. Baba called him back again and told him to take meals. Chandorkar told that the would not take his meals unless Baba eats the Puran Poli !! Then Baba told him you were with me for more than 18 years, what have you learnt from Me? I have eaten your Puran Poliís in the shape of ants" and Baba prepared something and shown to Chandorkar secretly. Chandorkar then realised his ignorance and felt for it and then taken his meals and the Puran poli.


Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !

Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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