Leela -250 - Lots of Blessings of Baba on me


My name is Tanuja Kudalkar, 45 years old residing in Goa with my husband and daughter Shraddha who are the blessings of my beloved God Sai. Lots of blessing of Baba on me. I was blessed by Babaís grace somewhat 1997-98, we are middle class family and not financially sound, that time I was doing private job for Rs. 1200/- just to help my family.

I feel to work in Private Firm was not easy, it was a security agency for which there were some govt. norms which had to be followed for eg. PF deduction after one year, you canít remove the person without reason. So my boss was after me to leave the job before completing one year. That time we had constructed a small house for us which was incomplete. So it was not possible to sit at home ideal without job. That time my Baba showed His grace on me. Few months before I had answered one interview in govt. sector not having any hope. Because it was not possible to get Govt. job without influence and without paying money. So I never dreamt of Govt. job nor had I asked Baba to give me. I ask always for good tension free private job with minimum salary so that I could help my family. But see the miracle of my God, He gave me Govt. job within one month of leavening that private job, that also without any oneís influence and settle my life for forever. This was my first experience with Baba. After that I have got numerous blessings of my God on me, my Shirdi trip with my family, my marriage, my daughter after 5 years of my marriage and my own house so on. During this period of 20 years I have experience many miracles which I want to pen down:

First experience is my Job after that with my first salary of two and half month I went to Shirdi with my full family of 11 members. When we reached Shirdi there was a huge line for Sai Sansthaan Accommodation which charges very little amount and to stay in hotel was not our budget, so I was almost to cry. I didnít understand what to do. I was just standing aside; one person came to me and asked whether we wanted accommodation and I said yes. He asked me to stand away from here and he would get us the key and provide us one room and after that I did the procedure. Sai Baba came Himself in form of that boy to help me otherwise it was not possible to get accommodation for that day.

My second experience is my marriage, after 1 year of my job I got one proposal for marriage and that was my first proposal. When I saw the boy I didnít like him but I didnít disclose this to my family. Because before going to see the boy I went to Sai Babaís temple and prayed to Sai You do what was best for me, even though I donít like the boy I would not say no, if that boy was not good for me my family should reject him of their own. In our family no one had found out anything about the boy and their family, only by having faith in God by taking prasad from Shiv temple we were ready for marriage. And with the grace of Shiv Sai we got very good and big caring family and my husband is also very understanding. For few years there was some difficulty in adjusting with each other because of our different nature but now everything is fine and I feel I am very lucky to be a part of this family.

My third biggest miracle was Sai Baba came personally to bless my child on her naming ceremony. As I said I got my child after 5 years of our marriage that also by the grace of our Sai. The name was decided by us first only if boy then we would name him as Om and if girl then we would name her as Shraddha. So there were discussions within our family that we should keep the name which has come on Janma patrika otherwise it was not good for child. The discussion was going on, same time our Baba came in the form of bhiksukh to bless my child, I told my brother to give him something, I was looking at him and he was looking exactly like my Baba but that time it did not come to my mind that it was my Baba as though I was not in my senses. After his going out soon I realized that it was Baba and I ran to see Him but He was not there. I donít understand how to express my feelings even today when I remember that incident the tears comes to my eyes. I wish to have many more darshan of my Sai and I know one day it will come true.

Fourth miracle of my Sai: My daughter Shraddha when she was 4 years she fell sick with one dangerous disease call Kawasakhi ( Which is very rare). If it is not recognized early it goes on damaging you whole body part. First she was admitted to a private hospital where there was no improvement for one week. After doing all reports, disease was not recognized, after that we took advise of another doctor and soon he came to know that it was Kawasakhi and advised us to go Govt. hospital immediate (GMC). For this diseases there was only one medicine that one injection which cost 1 lakh each and it was not available in any private pharmacy other (GMC). Soon we shifted her to GMC where my brother in law was a Professor and who helped us in all procedures and luckily that injection was available in the hospital. After giving that injection she was improved 50 % but she could not stand. Then after taking MRI, doctor decided to give one more injection. After that slowly she was cured completely within one month. Now she is 10 years old healthy and fit child by the grace of my Lord Sai. 1 Ĺ month she was hospitalized. I donít know how the time was, some time I used to cry but some time I was totally blank, I knew my Sai was there always with me but I didnít know what karmas I did in my past life. So I used to get scared. I did not know what to ask my Baba. I would pray to my Baba that if you want to take my child and to give me another one then please Baba give me same child back to me. I donít want other child. I would never ask You for other child. I would think this is my second child. But donít take this child away from me. And my God Sai Deva blessed me with my child.

These are the some big miracles in my life; many more are there which I would write later. Dear devotees I am not so good in writing but understand my feelings behind this. I am not a very good person at heart but I always pray to my Lord to bless me with good heart and to follow the path showed by Him. I always think chatting Babaís name is very simple but dear friend as Baba say without His wish even a leaf canít move then how we can think of achieving the biggest thing in life without Godís wish. So I pray, true to my heart, to my God to bless us all Sai family with His grace always. Om Sai Ram. Shri Sai Ram!

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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