Shri Sai Baba Appears in Dreams

In the month of lune 1975, I got a telegram from Bombay, at Hubli, informing me that my mother expired on 10th June 1975. Being the eldest son and due to my close association with her, she loved me most of all the children. No doubt she was ailing for about three years and I used to come to Bombay from Hubli to meet her and to enquire about her health, every now and then.

I felt so bad on getting the telegram that at the last minute of her death, I was not with her near her bed. Due to this shock, I got a paralytic attack on the right side. When I got the telegram I along with my daughter and her three children, had just arrived from Malwan and we were having our lunch. (was trying to get up with tears in my eyes; but I was unable to get up. As my wife was nearby and as she was a medical practioner, she could immediately judge what it was. For nearly half an hour, they were coaxing me to tell them what I felt, so that I
would be free from the mental pressure; but it was all in vain. Then after half an hour or so they washed my hands and with the help of our patients, who were in our clinic, they arranged to take me to my bedroom and made me lie down.

Having so many doctor friends, my wife phoned to them and they immediately rushed to our house and diagnosed it as severe paralytic stroke.

My son, who is practicing in Bombay, being M. D., was also called for further discussion. He too concurred with the opinion already expressed by the doctors at Hubli. In my minds of mind, I was feeling to go to Bombay to perform the obsequies of my late mother; but my son and doctor friends did not allow me to start even in an ambulance and thus I had to postpone my departure to Bombay.

OD the 12th of June 1975, at midnight in my dream, I saw Shri Sai Baba standing near me and asking me not to be nervous. He further started massaging my right side, which was paralysed, muttering the words, "Do not be afraid, everything will be alright". Immediately after uttering these words Shri Sai Baba disappeared.

I awoke, opened my eyes and explained to my wife and others my whole dream. I began to feel alright from that moment and then in a months' time, I was brought to Bombay for some other operation, which we got successfully done. The surgeon prescribed to me some
exercises for my paralysis and now I am able to walk without anybody's help. When there was absolutely no hope of my recoupment, I have recovered to eighty percent. I feel that this all is due to Shri Sai Baba's grace and favour for which I will remain indebted to Him for all
my future life.

Now I have completely retired from all my social activities and I am concentrating my whole attention to Shri Sai Baba in order to get mental peace, so that I may end my life in peace, if

S. G. Gavankar,
Bombay-400 028.

Source : Saileela Magazine

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