Leela -227 - How Baba came into my Life 

When I was in my 7th grade, in the year 2007, I had an amazing experience, though I realized it a bit later. So, my school had a system of sending the monthly fee to the house address in the name of the head of the family (Father's) and not the student's name. One month, when we received the bill, I was furious to find that my dad's name (Sriram) was replaced with another one (Sairam). At that time, I wasn't a devotee of loving Baba. Expect for the fact that, my dad's elder sister from Mumbai sent a copy of Sai Satcharitra to us. Since it was in the original Marathi version, we couldn't read it. Because, Tamil is our mother tongue. So, that was all the information I had about Baba. The next day, I took my dad to the front office at school and asked them to rectify the mistake. They promised to do so. I studied in that school till 2010, the mistake was never resolved. It was Baba's way of saying that He is the head of the family; He is my Dad who will never leave us.

In the year 2009, my dad had court and law problems, caused by his company and was put up in jail for a month. We were very depressed and used to visit my aunt once in a while. During this time, my aunt, I and my mom went to a shop for getting some stationary items for my little cousins. Mom saw the idol of Baba and she badly wanted to purchase it. But lack of money made her to hesitate. My aunt too disagreed. So we paid the bill for rest of the items and went home. When we reached home, wonders of wonder, Baba's idol, which mom wanted to purchase was in there. I immediately checked the bill to see the cost of the idol and i couldn't believe it wasn't even added. Mom got closer to Baba and began worshipping Him. After a month, dad was released, but very soon he died of heart attack. It was very devastating. I and my mother underwent endless problems. We thought our life was going to end. The troubles started in 2009 and went on till the mid of 2014. In between I got into bad friendships. None of them had any good impact in my life. It affected my life in all possible ways, especially my studies. I and my mom drifted apart for some reason so that made me to seek attention and love elsewhere. But, I am grateful that, I came out of all that safely with the blessings of my Baba.

Baba wanted me to finish my Karma and pull me towards His Feet which I did. Baba's ways are enigmatic. He alone knows what works for His devotees. It's unbelievable how much Baba loves me. I need to make a note that I began reading Sai Satcharitra (English version) in the year 2014, in the month of June. My wish was of course fulfilled. That's when I got closer to Baba's wonderful feet. The miracles of reading and listening to His life stories are wonderful. Anything is possible with the love and blessings of Baba. Now I and my mom are living happily with little financial commitments but I am sure it will all get solved very soon. I can't imagine how my life would be without Baba. He is the oxygen that I inhale. My experience with Baba is endless. But I will save it for later. I will very soon upload my other experiences too. I request the devotees to remember Shraddha and Saburi. Baba loves His devotees to an extreme extent. He will never leave us. He is right beside us. Peace Be To All.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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