Sai Leela-310 - Baba's Order to Chinese Government


Jai Sairam. Im an adherent devotee of Saibaba. Im here going to narrate my story where Baba ordered the Chinese Government for my Visa.

We, family had planned a trip to Kailash Manosoravar which required passport and visa since it’s located in Region of Tibet, China. I had applied and all the documents where over and I was informed by the travel agent that my Visa would arrive in two day and I can travel. So I packed my Bag and I was all ready to travel to Kailash.

Keeping this in mind, we thought lets visit Shirdi before the Kailash trip to take Baba’s blessing before the trip. So we went to Shirdi, While travelling in Train when we were nearing Hyderabad, I got a call from the Travel agent who informed me that my Visa application has been rejected since Visa is not issued to people who were born before 1947. I really got disappointed and I was crying all over the journey.

We reached Shirdi and while I was standing in line, when I saw Baba’s Statue tears started rolling out of my Eyes. The priest in Shirdi who saw me crying came to me and asked what happened why are you crying ? Since I knew Marathi, I told him what happened and immediately the Priest asked “Is China Government bigger than Baba?”  He told me to pray Baba with utmost faith and Baba will take care, saying this he also handed me over a Green Shawl of Baba. I thought I was really Blessed.

After having darshan, I also attended Aarthi and left to my home town. While we were about to reach the place where I got a call about the Visa being rejected, Baba’ Leela started. I got a call from the same travel agent who informed me that “Sir, you are really lucky, Chinese Government accepted your request and Your Visa has been suddenly approved”. This shows Baba is omnipresent to help all who pray with full devotion. Invite God to each and every circumstances of your life, when God enters Miracles starts happening.

 As Narrated by a devotee of Baba.


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