“I forgot my vow to Baba,” thought Govinda Rao Garde of Nagpur. He recalled, how his nephew was suffering from some disease when he visited him. At that time, Govinda Rao vowed that if his nephew recovered, he would send him to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan. The nephew did recover in two days. But he forgot his vow, although his nephew visited him three times, hoping that he would remember, after seeing him hale and hearty.

Some time later, the nephew visited his uncle only to find that he was sick with the same disease. Since it was a Thursday, all the family members gathered together and prayed and sang Bhajans. They entreated Baba for his recovery. That day, he was well enough to attend the pooja (worship) when he was reminded of his vow.

He vowed again saying, “Baba if you cure me, I and my nephew will come for your darshan.” He found that he recovered quickly and hurriedly went with his nephew to Shirdi to thank Baba.

In Sai Satcharithra Chapter-36 describes the story of two gentlemen from Goa and their fulfillment of their vows.

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