Baba Cured the disease of the Father of Shri Ramakrishna G Kothare


            Shri Ramakrishna G. Kothare was bron in 1908. His caste was Pathare Prabhu. His father and mother firet came to Shirdi in 1911 and they were worshipping the oil paint Photo of Baba (Dhwarakamai Posture). They used to go to Shirdi at least twice a year.

Baba used to give Ashirwad to His devotees with Udi by standing at the rails of Dhwarakamai by wearing voilet colour edged Peethambaram. He saw this. He loved Baba sincerely. His family was full of Sai devotion. After his first visit in 1911, they started with a group of bhajan and Arati performed there daily which was called as Sai Laj. His father fell sick with Nimonea in 1913 and bacame too serious. One Dr. Naik treated him said that his case is serious and got no belief in survival. His mother made a vow to Baba that if her husband cured from death bed, she would come to Shirdi by walk and take darshan of Baba. Besides this, the people of Sai Laj came and did bhajan in the name of Baba before the patient. His uncle also came with his bhajan Mandali and did bhajan and cold to his sister that his brother-in-law would not die on Nimonea. Doctor Naik came ac 10-00 P.M. and given an injection co the patient and told to all that the patient will live only upto 12 O' clock midnight. Bhagwat Geeta read out to the patient to hear it. After 11 P.M. the patient began to suffocate and felt hard to breathe. At this time, patient's wife wailed like any­thing and bawled out "Baba save my husband”. The suffocation lasted till 1 A. M. They told the situation to the doctor. The doctor came and examined the patient and gave one injection and told that crisis were over and now the patient*s status was within his look­out. All the Bhajan went on till 4 AM and all of them told the patient's wife, that Baba has yielded her requ­est and that she should be ready for Shirdi trip on foot. From that time patient improved day by day and cured completely in few months. As per the vow of the patient's wife, patient, patient's  wife    and   the bhajan Mandal came on foot upto Kopergaom. From Kopargaom all came in 5 carts to Shirdi whereas patie­nt's wife alone followed the cart on foot up to SHIRDI as per her vow. She came to some distance in an uneven stonny and thorny way and felt uneasy with swollen legs and sat below a tree. A man with white beared in shepherd dress straight away came to her and told her that her vow had been accepted by Baba and that there was no harm in getting into the cart and go over to Shirdi. But she did not accept and came away by foot along upto Shirdi. At that time Baba asked Jog to stop the Arati for a little time. In the mean­while all came to Arati. Baba told to Nanasaheb that I met her on the way and told her to come in cart. But she refused and came by foot. See how her legs, were! They will be alright by the evening. They all stayed at Shirdi and gone to their homes with Baba's permission safe and sound.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !


Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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