Baba instructed R.B.Purandare A Railway Servant and ordered him not to come to HIM


Shri R.B. Furandare, a railway  servant   applied for leave as he wanted to go to Shirdi with his family. The leave was sanctioned and railway passes for free railway journey were also given to him. A day previous to his departure, the railway workmen were reported to be planning a strike. So his superior officer requested him to cancel his programme. Purandare was adament and he said that he would never cha­nge his programme for Shirdi he had fixed already eventhough the officer promised him, he would see that he gets his leave and also the railway passes after the crises had been tied over. Purandare returned home and made all preparations for starting. That very night Baba appeared in his dream with a Satka in His hand. He was mighty, angry, strongly admonished him and finally ordered him "Don't come to Shirdi over again". So Purandare dropped the idea of going to Shirdi and attended the officer on the next day as usual. This pleased his Superior, the little doubt that he had about Purandare's complicity in the railwayman's strike at once vanished. So a month after he granted him his leave and reprocured railway passes for him. When he went to Shirdi, Baba said "Don't go mad, we have as yet many responsibilities to dis­charge, so stay at home chanting my name". This clearly shows Baba's disapproval of His devotees runn­ing over to Holy Saints throwing aside duties and responsibilities.

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Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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