Leela -154 - My Experience in Shirdi
By: Raghavendra Rao


This is my first experience in Shirdi when I went there with my mother. During the journey to Shirdi we discussed about Baba, the place where he used to sit and take Bhiksha. Later, when we came back after Darshan at Dhwarakamai Temple; a person came to us and said he could show where Baba used to sit mostly and took Bhiksha. We completely forgot about our discussion in the bus about the exact same thing.

While showing us the places, that person kept saying that he was also like Baba and refused to take money at the end and told me that he already has a lot of my money with him. Saying so, he left. After a few minutes when we went back to our room, it struck to me that me and my mother had the same discussion and wondered how that person could know about it. When I rushed back to where I met him, he was not there and no one there has seen him. Tears rolled down my eyes as I realized that he is none other than my Baba.

Baba please forgive my ignorance that I did not recognize you. Please be kind and bless me and my family always.

Source: Spiritualindia

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