Saibaba's Love is Boundless


I am an retired army person re-employed in private firm. I perform Sai puja in whatever little way I could daily. Blessed with two lovely daughters and one son, I am a content filled individual praying for everybody's welfare.

I am a small disciple of Sai and has been experiencing his blessings in one form or other since childhood. The most memorable to be mentioned are :-

My father was called upon for war duties in the year 1962. I was three years then. When I and my mother went to see him off at Railway station, I found my mother crying. When train left with my father, we came out and found a fakir outside the railway station who told me and my mother that my father would be coming in the same train with which he left. Go to sai temple and place a garland to Sai baba. This was the first introduction to lord Sai and imagine in the year 1962, we placed garland on the statue of Sai for Rs 1.25 which my mother probably earned after doing contract job.
I had been praying whenever got time as a student. I had been relieved off my worries whatsoever came to me by lord Sai.
During Aug 1984, I had a dream wherein Baba came as a young officer in white half pant and white T Shirt and told me that I am first in my course as I was undergoing Clerks training at Aurangabad then. I took it as an illusion and kept on doing daily work. Next day again he came in the same form and told me that you are not believing me. When I got up and remembered the dream, I again thought illusion and went to attend the class. There the senior instructor declared and I was just astonished and then I realized that dream was of Baba only because daily I used to chant Sai arti.
While reading Sai Satcharitra on one of the mornings in 1988 when I was at a forward location in army, the photograph of lord Sai (Samadhi and deity Photo) in the Sai Satcharitra spoke to me about my marriage and I kept to myself thinking this as a illusion but in the evening a letter came from my parents and I was called. When I reached home, the marriage was fixed.

I was a witness in an Inquiry wherein it seemed that I am going to be convicted. In my dream a bold line square appeared inside which there were three faces (one being mine and two others who were culprits). I heard a sound asking me whether I want to come out and upon saying yes, my face came out from the square where there was not opening. Next day, I was pronounced acquitted and the two faces in the square were convicted.
I had experienced ultimate blessings of lord Sai when on 17 Mar 1994 I was poisoned in food and made unconscious. After that kerosene was poured on me and house was lit on fire. All material belongings were burnt except three things viz Sai Photo, Sai Satcharitra and myself. The huge fire cannot burn even a single hair of my body and I came out of the room which was burning. This happened when I came on leave. But believe me dear devotees, I met Baba at Rangiya Rly station in the form of a sadhu who asked me if I can give him food. I gave him food and he gave me in return a red stone to be kept in my possession always to which I asked him what is this . The sadhu took that stone in his chimta ( A Forcep like instrument carried by sadhus), took out a long hair of his beard and rotated that hair to the stone and put that stone fixed on chimta into the fire of the dhaba. To my astonishment, the hair was not at all burnt. He told me you keep this stone with you and nobody can touch you . Tumhara bal bhi baka nahi hoga. I remember that stone was in my pocket of the trousers when this incident happened. There are many more experiences. I kept these incidents with me enjoying Baba blessings. After watching the experiences shared by devotees, I have made my heart to come out with the above. Also, after the fire incident, I came to shirdi and at GURUSTHAN, a 25-30 yrs old women clad in white sarrie and white cloth covering her head, came from behind me and told me "SAI RAM BOLA KI". After this she vanished. I tried to search her but could not find her. This lady seemed to be an African women. This was in 1994. Many of the devotees who visited during this period might have seen because when I enquired so many told me god knows from where she comes and where she goes but there are reports that she approaches many devotees, utters something in the ears and vanishes. In fact during this period I was a sort of psychic patient totally depressed with the situation without support from parents, in laws, friends etc etc but had firm faith on Lord Sai which has sailed me through that phase. Since then, my life has improved upon and we all (my family of Two daughters, one son and my wife) are indebted to Lord SAI BABA. If any Sai bhakta want to experience Sai blessings, I want to humbly suggest that Sai Charitra should be read continuously regularly and leave the rest to the glorious feet of Lord Sai.
I remain, an humble servant in the name of Lord Sai. May Lord Sai grant Peace and Prosperity to all.



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