Leela -248 - With Sai all things are possible

 I came to the lotus feet of Baba about 4 years back when my sister in law asked me to pray to Baba for something that was disturbing me in my life. I prayed and lo my life changed! From then on, I became a small devotee of the lord and He guided me at each and every step of my life. I am sharing my latest experience where Baba is helping me to move on to my final goal.

I am a working IT professional, wife and a mother of 12 year old boy. We have moved to US about 4 years back. I was the primary visa holder and my partner was on dependent visa. About 2 months back due to some reasons unknown, I was asked to go back to India in just a short notice. My life turned around 360 degrees in a single day I was shocked as this was something even remotely unexpected. I gathered my courage and surrendered everything at the feet of Baba, and started my Nav Guruvar Vrat in US itself. I travelled to India and continued the vrat praying to Baba to guide me at every step.

Things were not good in my office and I started job hunting as soon as I landed India. I would visit Q/A site many times in the day and get responses for my dilemmas and always the answers were supportive and encouraging. Every week as I fasted I knew He was creating some way for me. I visited one of my family friends and they mentioned that I should visit one big Sai temple which was close to my house, and we never knew about the temple. I was fortunate to visit the temple on Baba’s Mahasamadhi day, and did 108 Namaskars at Baba's feet. Every day I would talk to Him and knew that He was with me. I got an interview call with a top MNC and did very well. Meanwhile my vrats were nearing completion and as I completed my 9th week, I got my offer letter from the company.

All the events happening in my life are orchestrated by Him; I am in an autopilot mode today flowing where He takes me. I need to go back to my family as soon and I have taken up reading Sai Satcharitra daily one chapter lifelong. I know as I finish the book in next 40 days, I will be flying back. I will be back soon here then. Baba please bless us and help us to be a better person. Om Sai Ram, Sadhguru Maharaj Ki Jai!

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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