How Aaba Sawant's Wife became a faithful devotee

by Nagesh Atmaram

My friend Aaba Sawant worshipped a picture of Sai in his house. When his wife came from the village for the first time, she said, “Why is this old Muslim’s picture in our house ?” Aaba tried to convince her about Baba’s experiences, but she had no faith. A month later he bought a sari for his wife. “Today I got some money with Baba’s grace, so bought this sari for you.” But, his wife did not believe in Baba and said, “You got this from your own hard-earned money. How can you say Baba gave it ?”

It was evening time. The sari was kept on a wooden chest. Later in the night when she went to examine the colour and feel of the sari, it turned to ashes as soon as she touched it. She felt very miserable and prayed that, if the very next day she got another sari, she would believe that God had punished her for having no faith.

The next day someone unexpectedly paid Rs.10/- to Aaba Sawant for some work done earlier. He was so happy that he bought another sari for his wife. When she saw it, her faith in Baba was restored and from that day onwards she started worshipping Him.


Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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