If you Pray to Baba with full heart he will surely help




I am very happy to share shiridi sai's leela which happened in my life.

My name is krithira , On that day Myself and my mom were getting ready to go to aboard but unfortunately we missed our flight on Nov.8 2011 . We prayed Shiridi Saibaba and went to ask about the ticket . 

We reached home and saw a cover  which was outside the door containing Saibaba's photo, a key chain, praasad and udi. We were really surprised. After an hour a man knocked our door and said i kept the praasad , key chain , sai baba's photo udi which he has brought from "SHIRIDI".

The leela is we haven't spoke to the person even once. So If you Pray to Baba with full heart Baba will surely come for your Help.
Jai Sairam


Please Note:

The Above Leela was shared by our Dhwarakamai Member Krithira. You can also share your experience / Leela's of Sai and see the same published in www.dhwarakamai.org. Send in your Leela's to saileelas@dhwarakamai.org.

By sharing your experience / Leela your helping to spread the greatness / awareness of Shirdi Sai Baba.


Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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