Sai Leela-294- Saibaba is always there for his devotees


I have been very disturbed for last few weeks. Last month, my older son started Kindergarten in a highly rated school. We all were very excited about it. But as it turned out, in the very 1st week, I started getting complaints from his teacher. She told me, he was not paying attention, not following directions, unable to adjust to schedule, was slow in learning and so on and on and on. On top of it all, he was hitting another classmate. All this stressed me immensely. I talked to him, tried telling him how to behave in class. I am not sure how much he understood because the complaints didn't stop.

I then turned to my loving Baba. I know I trouble Him for the smallest of my problems, but He is my mother, my Father, my Everything and He is everything for my sons too. I prayed to Him to take care of my son in school, so that he behaves well. I wished he should be happy in school, should like his friends and teachers and they should like him. I also prayed that he should pay attention in class because I know that he is intelligent, not slow as his teacher mentioned.

I started Saptah Parayan of Sai Satcharitra last Thursday keeping this wish in my mind. I tried my best to do it with full devotion though my dear Baba knows that this mind still keeps wandering even after lots of efforts to keep it focussed at His forgiving and blessing feet. Please forgive me Baba for any 'Trutis' that may have happened in my Pooja and bless me to be able to focus all my attention on You and You only.

My Saptah Parayan ended this Wednesday and today morning (Friday) my son told me that he saw Baba in his dream yesterday. He told me Baba was with him in his school and told him that He would help him whenever he had any problems in studies in school. He also told me that he saw another 'Jai Jai' in dream (He calls Gods and Goddesses 'jai Jai') who was wearing a yellow Saree and having a 'Bindi' on her forehead. She was playing with him in school. Listening to this, I felt great happiness and love for my Baba. He told me through my son's dream that He accepted my Pooja and will take care of my son.

Thank You Baba for everything that You have given me. Please bless me and help me be more devoted towards You. I want to hold onto Your feet and not let it go ever.

Bless me Baba. Love You.



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