Sai Leela-324 - Baba Cures the Stomach Pain


I want to share my experience with all the Sai Devotees.

My name is Subash. I am 25 years old. From past 1 year I was suffering from severe stomach pain and I also had kidney stone problem. I had no peace of mind. I was not able to sleep at night. I was not able to concentrate on my work. The pain was very severe and I could not tolerate the pain. I had consulted nearly 10 famous doctors. It did not help me. I was not knowing what to do.

I am a Sai bhakta since 6 years. I started to pray to Sai to help me out. At the same time while I was browsing the net, I came upon this site. I was very happy when I read the devotees experiences. My bhakti increased towards Sai and I realised that it is only SAI (my God, my friend) who can help me. From that day onwards I started reading the miracles of Baba and the experiences of the devotees. It helped me a lot.

By the grace of baba my pain reduced and within a month I was completely fine. I could not believe it. It is a miracle of SAI, which I have experienced myself. I have no words to explain my joy and happiness. Now, I am very happy. I and my family members are grateful to SAI.

Last month I and my family members visited Shirdi (first time) to receive Baba's blessings and by the grace of SAI I and my family members are experiencing the miracles regularly. Om Sai Ram.

O Mere Sai sometime you are very near to me and sometime You are too far. Why? I know I am wrong, I am still not able to devote much time for your Pooja, but still I am your child. Do punish me for the mistake I committed in my life, and still committing. I have surrendered myself to 'shree Sai Charano par'. Give me your love and affection which I need badly. Please be with me and my family always, everywhere, every time, in my happiness and sorrow. Om Shri Sai.


Story has narrated by Sai Devotee.

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