Sai Leela-339 - Power of Udi


Om Sairam.

First of all, I would like to thank the team for this wonderful platform for sharing Sai leelas and making us feel more blessed. When I start to talk about Sai and His leelas, I don't know where to start because that feeling can't be explained by words. Sai is everything to me. He became a part of our life. I had experienced many miracles in my life and I am sharing two of them here.

Two months before my 3 year old son had a root canal treatment. Last day we saw some swelling near that tooth. When I searched in google, I could find that it may be due to improper root canal treatment and the person will have to undergo root canal treatment again to get rid of the infection completely. For him it would be very painful to do it again since first time itself he was crying terribly. I prayed to Sai. What is the need to fear if Baba is with us. I gave him Udi to eat. By Sai's grace with one medicine he became alright and he didn't have to take any other medicines. Everything is Saiís magic; nothing else.

Second experience happened with me only. Since I was taking antibiotics after some infection in salivary gland, my menstrual cycle became irregular. Last time I missed my periods for 1 month and everyone suggested me to consult a doctor. I believe Sai. If we believe Him He won't let us feel down. Here also Sai heard my prayer. My periods became normal. Thank You so much Sai. You are everything for us. I don't know how to thank You. For me it is impossible to have a day without chanting Your name.

Om Sai Ram. I don't know Babaji, how to thank You. Thank You so much. Love You Sai. Please shower Your blessings on us.

Sree Sachidanandasadguru Sainath Maharaj ki jai.

Source: As narrated by a Baba devotee from India.


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