Baba saved Shirdi from Cholera


Baba once told to Appa Kulkarni "that thieves would come and fight with you as they were very clever in selecting persons and would take away only what they wanted. Beware of it".

Kulkarni thought that Baba told about theives and made arrangements for safeguarding all his properties. But Baba's dictum was other­wise. At that time cholera was raging in Shirdi. Kulkarni himself suffered from Cholera. His wife came to Baba for Udi. Baba did not give Udi to her told "that he would change his shirt before me. Let him do", Afterwards Appa Kulkarni died of Cholera. People gone to Baba for remedy.  Baba gave the udi to people of shirdi and asked them to put the UDI across Shridi and the people got rid of the deadliest disease with the blessings of Baba. Baba told them not to fear for Cholera, only seven will die of Cholera. Accord­ingly, seven died and the Cholera ceased by Baba's grace.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely!! stupendous Delectations  and Deliverance be thereH

Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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