Sai Leela-288 - Sai Baba's Love for me


Hi, I am from Hyderabad. I have many amazing experiences to share.

Once I was very upset as I felt Baba was not understanding what I was going through. I was so disturbed and depressed that I wanted Baba to prove that He was listening to me and was concerned. It was a Sunday and I asked Baba to show Himself in any form like photo, song, image etc. I decided that I will not give any opportunity for God to appear and wanted to test how He will find a way to reach me. When I initially thought of this in my mind, I decided I will not consider anything like His pictures on TV, phone etc as they are very common sources. After just few minutes, I heard Sai Baba song. I was stunned because never ever I hear Sai Baba aarthi except on Thursday. And shocking part was that was being played on Sunday and in the morning hours. I had tears but then I was still dissatisfied.

I requested Baba to appear in any form. Then I had to go out to buy vegetables, even here I told Baba that I will not consider any shop names or images as I have seen many shops named after Baba on the street. I felt I left Baba with no way to appear in front of me. After that I was returning home, I knew there was a Sai Idol in front of our gate which I said I will not consider as even I know that Baba idol was existing there from long time back. I was very happy on one side that I was not giving God a way to appear in front of me but was eagerly waiting for Him to appear as I still had faith and trust that He would definitely come. Then I was feeling that there were no more chance for Him to appear as I was nearing lift of our apartment. Then suddenly our watchman, who hung Goddess Lakshmi calendar suddenly, changed that to Baba's calendar. I was shocked, I literally cried to see love of Baba towards me. I felt He will be there forever and His love never lessens. Baba I am sorry to have tested You but thank You very much for giving me an opportunity to know about You and increase my love and faith towards You. This is one of best experiences.

Coming to my 2nd experience, at that time I was 8th month pregnant and was at my parentís place. My niece had her 18th month vaccination, after reaching home that evening she started vomiting. It did not stop there, motions started. All of us were really scared. At that time I used to pray Baba but was not a devotee. I wish I knew Baba then, I could have asked Baba to bless my niece. Health of my niece deteriorated to such an extent that whatever she was eating everything she started vomiting, including water. She used to weigh 15 kgs then, very hefty and plump. She couldn't bear all this and she was crying and hardly slept.

Next day immediately she was taken to hospital, seeing her condition doctor said this was a common reaction for the vaccination and prescribed medicines. We returned home, but those medicines weren't showing any kind of effect and we could see our lil one was suffering terribly and was unable to bear the pain. Seeing her in this condition we again took her to hospital as she was continuously vomiting and passing motions. This time it was an emergency and while getting into car she again vomited. This condition of hers was not going to get normal. In our hearts and minds we were praying God to help our child to recover from this condition. Immediately took her to hospital and this time doctor advised that she needs to be given saline. We were not OK with the decision. But on one side we couldn't see our child suffering and we were not even ready to go for saline. We just prayed God. After 3 days of suffering, she started recovering slowly. By the time she recovered she was 10.5 kgs. That was the effect on our niece. I had all this registered in my mind and could not forget at all.

After a month, my son was born. Now it was time for him to have his 18th month vaccination. I literally shivered as I had seen what my niece underwent. I was really scared to get this Vaccination for him. During this 1.5 years I gradually increased my devotion towards Baba. On the day of vaccination I prayed Him to help my son to able to overcome the pain that he would be going through at the time of vaccination. But see the miracle of Baba, doctor said after vaccination there might be swelling due to injection and fever, which too it may come or may not. I was surprised and told doctor about the experience my niece had when the same vaccination was given to her. Then doctor informed that it might have been just a coincidence but no vaccination would give such a result. I felt very happy seeing how Baba helped my son. I wish I had known Baba earlier; I would have prevented this pain for my niece too. But at least now I am happy that I got to know Baba and Baba please bless all of us to move in the righteous path and please guide us. Without You we do not even exist. And last but not the least thank you for providing such a platform where all of us can share our thoughts and experiences which further help us to increase our faith and love towards Baba. Sri Sachithananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai



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