Rama Krishna G. Kothari was born in 1908. He was a Pathari Prabhu by caste. His parents first visited Shirdi in 1911. On that visit, they saw Baba standing near the railway (kathada) of Dhwarakamai, distributing Udi to the Bhaktas. They were filled with devotion, and were overwhelmed with the love, to see this beautiful sight. Upon their return home, they started worshipping a photograph of Baba (it was print of Jaykar’s painting). They also started doing Bhajans and called the Bhajan Mandali (group) ‘Sai Laj’.

In 1913 his father was seriously sick with pneumonia. Dr.Naik was treating him, but was skeptical of his recovery. He told the family that the chances of recovery were slim, and he would succumb to the disease. Hearing this his mother prayed to Baba and vowed that if her husband survived, she would do ‘Padyatra’ (walk) to Shirdi and thank Baba.

The Bhajan Mandali also came to his home to perform his Bhajans (hyms), the whole night. At nightfall the disease took a serious turn, the doctor was summoned at 10.00P.M. He gave the patient an injection and medicine but told the wife that at about 12.00P.M. her husband would die. The relatives on hearing this, read the Bhagwat Gita to the patient. Simultaneously Baba’s Bhajans continued. At about 11.00P.M. the patient started to suffocate, and had great difficulty in breathing. The distort wife seeing his condition wailed and cried saying ‘Baba save my husband’. The crisis lasted till 1.00 A.M. when the doctor was called again. He again gave the patient an injection, but assured them that the crisis was over.

The Bhajans continued till 4.00 A.M. when the Bhajan Mandali and the relatives assured the wife that her husband had survived. So she better get ready, for the ‘Padyatra’ (pilgrimage by foot) as per her vow. From that time the patient steadily recovered, and was ambulant in few moments. So the family and the Bhajan Mandali started for Shirdi. At Kopargaon, the family hired five bullock carts to take them to Shirdi. But the hired five bullock carts to take them to Shirdi. But the wife would not sit in the cart. She just walked, behind the carts although her legs were swollen and bruised.

A short distance from Shirdi there was a stony, and thorny path. So she went and rested under a tree. She noticed a man with a white beard in a shepherd’s dress. He approached her and said, “Your vow has been accepted by Baba so mother, go the rest of the distance by bullock cart”.

The lady heard the loving tone in the voice but she adhered to her vow, and trudged the rest of the way. When she reached Dhwarakamai, Baba was seated with His devotees when Baba said to Nana Saheb, “I met this lady on the way and told her to ride in the cart, but she would not listen. See how swollen and bruised her legs are! But they will be alright by the evening.” True to His word the swelling and the bruises vanished by evening.

They stayed at Shirdi for a few days and returned home with Baba’s blessings and Udi.

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