Sai Leela-314 - Baba Called for a devotee to rescue him from fire


This happened in a Baba Temple at Chennai. Every day many devotees used to visit Baba Temple to pray Baba and seek his blessing during crisis. But this incident talks about something different, where Baba called his devotee to rescue him from fire.

A devotee named Lakshmi, visited the temple as usual. While she was doing her Pradarshanam, she heard a voice shouting fire, fire, fire !!! She searched the whole temple, but could not find anyone amidst fire. But, she still the voice had not stopped and is getting more clear now. She doesnt know what to do, suddenly she could see a statue of Baba kept in the middle of Burning Candles.

The Heatness from the candles caused the burning sensation to Baba which Baba made his devotee hear.

Thus Baba played a leela with his devotee and got rescued from fire. This Leela not only tells us about Baba's leela but also that Baba is omni present everywhere in every statue, in every place and in every body's heart.

Jai Sairam.

As Narrated by a devotee of Baba.

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