Sai Leela-338 - Baba's Blessing to get a Job


Hi I am devotee of Baba who has experienced numerous miracles of Him in my life. Om Sairam! I wanted to thank Sai from bottom of my heart for the miracles He has been doing in my life. I do not know how Baba had pulled me towards His feet but I think it is my previous birth good karmas that I could be at the feet of our Lord Sai Baba. I would like to narrate my experience of His leela for me in getting a job locally in my husbandís company where I could stay with my family and bring my younger son from India where he was staying with my parents.

I have gone through so many hurdles to get a job locally where there were few instances where I got my job and went back to hold and these kinds of situations really upset me. But I have complete faith in Baba that He is doing this for my good. Also, there are times where I asked Baba why this was happening to me and asked Him to help me to get a job. My husband saw a job posting in his company careers and told me that he would talk to that hiring manager whom he knew when he was working in that building. He discussed about my profile and also said that we were facing issues with me travelling and family in different places due to my job. Manager said that they were still looking at resumes and he would keep us informed when they would finalize that job posting.

Also, my husband talked to my neighbour who happens to be a HR recruiter in the same company and even he knew what we were going through and helped by saying a word to the main recruiter to see my profile. I believe these were all the circumstances that Baba had arranged for me otherwise it would not have happened that smoothly. After going through all the process one day I got a call from HR who asked me to upload my resume so that they would arrange an interview. On one Friday afternoon HR confirmed that my interview was on Monday and I really got scared as there was only a weekend for me to prepare. Before this when I uploaded my resume, I wished Baba for only one thing. If You think I am getting this job please arrange an interview otherwise I do not even want to go for an interview. If interview was scheduled that meant that I was getting that job. I took help of my husbandís friend to prepare me for an interview and gave my interview. There was one more miracle that happened. I am part of Nitya parayan where we do group parayan for each family in that group and that interview morning I woke up to see that group parayan was for my family where I felt very excited that Baba had showered His blessings in that form. After a week of an interview; today just few minutes before I wrote my experience and they sent me an offer letter. I believe this is all happening due to Babaís blessings on me and my family and I am indebted to You Sai all the time. Baba, please help me to go through the remaining process smoothly and join the company on the day mentioned in the offer letter and continue working due to Your blessings happily.

Om Satchidanda Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!


Source: As narrated by a Baba devotee from US.


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