Baba came to rescue my Grandmother

by Avinash Mohite

I had to tell this story. Baba came Home to rescue my grandmother.

It was on 11th Oct-2012, Thursday, that my Grandmother Smt. Kashi Bai from Karnataka was diagnosed with Liver Cancer. This news about my 70 Yrs old Grandmother was broken by the doctor to her youngest son, who happens to be my maternal uncle. Having lost his elder sister for the same disease almost 12 years back, my uncle was in state of shock and did not speak with anyone the whole day.

Mom is a Mom, anyone would be numb to hear such a news.

I happened to come to my home town on 12th Oct from Bangalore for the Pitrupaksha Pooja at home, also called as Shraadh Pooja. I was having my breakfast when my uncle visited me to enquire my health. I could make out how pale he was. Upon enquiring, tears started flowing from his eyes and he said that doctor are suspecting something and saying Grandma may not be curable.

After giving him strength, me and my other uncle took the reports and went on to consult another doctor. Considering her age, he too spoke in the negative and requested us to get another scan done to check how severe the spread was. The scan was scheduled for 15th Oct, Monday. We broke the news at home saying she has some liver swelling but didnít reveal the actual disease (fearing the consequences of that dreaded word, cancer!). For the next couple of days we started giving her water with Udi mixed into it. Her pain was unbearable. She started complaining about severe burning sensation around the abdomen region. Me and my uncle knew the evil inside. We had to pray. We had to wait.

After checking the scan reports on 15th Oct, the doctor said the right lobe is completely infected and letís take the risk of operating the tumor. Simply leaving it doing nothing will definitely harm her. But cautioned us that its very risky operation. We had to agree. Again, we had pray and believe in the almighty. We didnít have any option.

The operation was scheduled for 27th Oct after the Dushera festival and she was to be admitted in the hospital on 25th, 2 days prior so that the docís could monitor her health. On 24th Oct, a day prior to she getting admitted to the hospital she started complaining about severe pain which prompted my uncle to run to the hospital to check if she can be admitted that day itself. When he was out, my aunt was sitting in front of my Grandma who was lying down in pain with her eyes closed. Aunt was clueless seeing her pain and she started chanting Babaís name !! After a few minutes my Grandma slowed down her moaning and started uttering ďWho is that rubbing on my stomach, stop, its paining !!Ē. Aunt was stunned, she knew there was nobody in the room !!

Who else can it be other than our beloved Baba?? That incident proved that he was with us. He was curing the pain by grinding it. The same way he had cured plague in Shirdi decades ago !

We knew nothing can harm Grandma now. We knew she would be fine.The operation was completed on 27th as scheduled. It was a 9Hrs long operation ! Occasionally, during the operation, the operation attendee was coming out for fresh air. We gave a small photo of Baba in his hands to be placed in the OT. Needless to say the operation was successful and she is doing fine now.

Even during the post-operation phase, whenever she was in need of blood, we happened to miraculously meet one or the other person whom we knew who helped us with the blood. This would not be possible without Babaís grace. Amazing are his ways.

Today on 8th Nov 2012, when Iím writing this story sitting in Bangalore, the final documentations are being settled in the hospital. Grandma will be discharged today. She will be back home for Diwali!

There are no words to describe the ways of Baba. Pray to him and he will be there with you. Our rational minds fail to understand the miracles that happen in our lives daily. There is a supernatural power working in the background guiding us. We fail to realize this. According to the Sai Satcharitra, Baba once said, "Everything is a miracle in this world". And I know today, He meant it !

Bow to Shree Sai....


Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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