Incredible Silver Box


I would like to give a little background about myself before I narrate the incredible experience bestowed on me by Baba. In Chapter 9 of Shri Sai Satcharita, Late Annasaheb Dabolkar alias Hemandpant has mentioned about Babasaheb Tarkhad, who is my grandfather - Ramchandra Atmaram Tarkhad. And, the lady who gives food to a hungry dog and the filth covered pig is my grandmother - Sitadevi Ramchandra Tarkhad. And, the one who conducted Pooja everyday, and without fail offered castor sugar as Naivedya to Baba before partaking his meal is my father – Late Jyotindra Ramchandra Tarkhad. These three had the privilege of being with Baba from 1909 to 1918 and I feel that, because of it the Tarkhad family is blessed for generations to come. We have experienced Baba showering His blessings on us, which I am, sure, will be there for even the generations to come.

Sai Baba is our family Deity and He is there watching and protecting us every step of the way. We have witnessed this throughout our life and are sure we will in the future too. I am now going to narrate a very invaluable experience, which is likely to touch a cord in you.
This incident took place around 1973 in November during Diwali. I was preparing for my first visit abroad. I was being sent to England for training by the company I was working for. I was going to be there till March at a place which is 100 miles away from London; so it was very important for me to pack all the necessary items I may need.

I left for England on Friday, reached the next night, rested on Sunday. On Monday morning I started getting ready to leave for work, when I realized, I did not have Udi. I was in the habit of applying Baba’s Udi before we stepped out of the house since childhood. I was a little disappointed; but suddenly I remembered my wife was in the habit of placing an Udi packet first in the travelling case and then the rest of the things. I immediately emptied my suitcase and found the packet !

The Udi packet was small and it had to last for five months. So, I decided that the moment I reached Mumbai the first thing I would do is buy a silver case to keep the Udi, which I would place in my travelling pouch, as my work required I travel frequently out of Mumbai. In London, the little packet of Udi was a huge support.

I completed my assignment in London within the stipulated time and returned to Mumbai in March. And, as I had decided to buy a silver box for the Udi, I went to Girgaum to Waman Hari Pethe along with my wife and mother-in-law. The assistant at the shop brought 7- 8 silver boxes to show. But, the boxes had completely detachable lids (Karandi). When I told him what I was looking for, he said, I could order it and then only they would make one for me.

I thought why to give an order for such a small box; instead, if I looked at a couple of shops, may be I could find, what I was looking for. So, we started exploring in the next shop; but when I put a request to the shopkeeper, he asked me, “Will an old box do ?” I asked, “What do you mean by an old box ?” He replied, “There are a lot of people who sell their old silver ware, may be you can find amongst them, what you want.” On hearing this, I wondered, ‘for something as pious as Baba’s Udi, is it fine to use a used box ?’

Even my wife and mother-in-law thought like me and wanted to check a few other stores for the new silver box. But, we all said, “Yes”; because we didn’t want to hurt the shopkeeper’s sentiment. But, we had decided that even if he brought a silver box which we were looking for, we should say - ‘No; because we didn’t like it.’

In the meanwhile, the shopkeeper brought a silver box similar to what we were looking for. I was stupefied to see the box. The box was soot black ! Seeing the expression on our face the shopkeeper said, “Sir, if this box is similar to what you are looking for, then please don’t worry about its colour. I will polish it so well that it will shine as new.”

I thought, the shopkeeper has taken so much trouble for us, so let me at least open the box and see. But, the moment I opened the box, I was speechless. I was absolutely blank and kept on staring at the box. My wife and mother- in-law were watching me; they touched me and asked me, “What happened ?” When I showed them the box, they too were spellbound. It is very difficult to tell in words the state we were in that moment. You might be curious to know, what was there in the box - there was Sai Baba’s image fitted on the inside of the lid.
You may think I am exaggerating things; but why should anyone fit Baba’s image in such a small box. Moreover, this incidence is of 1974, this is that time when Baba’s fame had not reached the peak, besides; He didn’t have as many devotees as today. So, it is difficult to believe that a devotee should take the trouble of designing such a box. At the most, they could have put a Ganapati, Ram, Vitthal, Krishna, Shankar or any other Deity.

The shopkeeper polished the box, which till date shines. There are other silver idols and things at home which turns black after some time; but that box keeps shining, isn’t it amazing ?

From the day I got that box it is constantly with me. I may be in any part of the world; but the moment I open the box to take Udi, I get Baba’s Darshan and that’s precisely the reason He must have blessed me with this miracle.
When I retrospect, I feel, if I have given the order for the silver box, I am sure it wouldn’t have occurred to me to get Baba’s photo fitted.
Even today, I feel, Baba has specially created that box especially for me. This has strengthened the belief of the third generation of Tarkhad family in Baba.

I want to give a message all the Sai devotees through this narration - when Baba was in physical form, He never manifested any items for His devotees. But, now and then when the devotees’ desired something earnestly Baba through a miracle would fulfil their desires by Sattvik ways. These miracles will continue to occur as we go along; but what is important is to take note of them and continue on our journey called ‘life’ according to Baba’s teachings.

- Virendra Jyotindra Tarkhad
1, Parijat, Sarasvati Road,
Santacruz (W), Mumbai.

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Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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