Baba Saved a bull dedicated to God Shiv Ji


Once it so happened in Shirdi that a bull dedicated to God Shivji roamed about in the  village gardens and fields and destroyed the plants, standing  crops etc. So people met together and decided to send   away the bull to Panjra Pole (an asylum for old beasts) at Yeola and collected some fund for the   purpose.    They entrusted this work to Bhikoo Marwari of Shirdi in all good faith but the said Bhikoo Marwari  proved  treacherous. 

He did go Yeola as directed, but instead of taking  the bull to that asylum, he sold it to a  butcher   for   a   sum  of Rs. 14/- returned to Shirdi and calmly reported that he had taken the bull to Panjra pole and left it there. Baba knew how the bull was dealth with.    So he appeared in one Shri Bayaji's dream and said "you have been enjoy­ing sound sleep of rest.   Have not you placed   me in a butcher's hand?"    Bayaji reported this   to   the  village people, who, growing susppicious of  the bonafides of the Marwari, deputed Bayaji to Yeola for investigation. Bayaji went to Yeola Panjra Pole, took complete search of it.   Not finding the bull there, he went to  the   but­cher's lane and looked about here and there.

Fortuitou­sly at this very time, the bull had   raised   up   its   head above a   buscher's  compound wall.    Shri   Bayaji   saw this, he atonce recognised it (the bull), so he approached the butcher and requested him to  return the bull, but he would not part with it as he has   purchased   it    for Rs. 14/- and then took it (the bull from the butcher to the old beasts asylum and kept it there.  

On his return to Shirdi he acquainted the people  with   what  Bhikoo had done and so to set a lesson to such sinful, faithless people as Bhikoo, Baba inspired them to prosecute him. Bhikoo had to undergo in jail for two months   for   his treacherous act.    From this, it is seen   that   Baba   had his Benign protective eyes not only  on  human beings but also on all creatures.

Surrender Shri Sal Completely I    Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there I I


Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.


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