Baba's Grace eases Challenging Times


Mrs. Vandana Kamath was living in Bangaluru in a rented premise with her family. They were going through several financial problems.

They were not aware of Baba; but by Baba’s grace the daughter-in-law of the owner of the house gave her a Shri Sai Satcharita and said that Baba will take care of them.

One fine day, the owner of the house asked them to vacate the house. They were in a predicament; because they had no money to shift to a new rented house. It so happened that they got a chance to visit Shirdi during this period. On returning from Shirdi, Mrs. Vandana met a family friend to whom she narrated her situation.

This friend suggested they buy a house. On looking back she thinks, the situation was impossible; because her friend was asking her to buy a house, when they didn’t have enough to pay the rent of the house ! But then, as ordained by dear Sai, this same friend gave them Rs. 75,000 for a site available close to Baba’s Mandir. The family was jubilant; but unfortunately, the cost of the plot was in lakhs; so they again did not have sufficient fund.

In the meanwhile, Mrs. Vandana’s father-in-law passed away and they got Rs. one lakh from his will. They immediately made some arrangement and purchased the plot.

By this time the entire family started worshipping Baba. After purchasing the plot, they laid the foundation; but due to financial constraints they could not begin the construction for over a year. At this point of time Mrs. Vandana remembered a chapter from the Shri Sai Satcharita where a black dog was fed with curd rice by a devotee and his wish was fulfilled. So, she prayed to Baba that she would feed a black dog with curd rice for seven Thursdays and He should bless her in completing the construction of the house.

On the first Thursday she kept a plate of curd rice in front of the house and was waiting for a black dog. After some time a black dog with some white patches approached the plate, she was confused, whether this was the dog to be fed as he was not fully black. Strangely the dog would go near the plate, smell the food and go back, this continued for 10-15 minutes and the dog went away without eating the rice. Mrs. Vandana waited for a very long time and felt very disappointed.

After a while the same dog came along with another black dog. This black dog came and hurriedly ate the curd rice and left a little for the dog with white patches to eat, both the dogs ate happily and went away. Seeing this Mrs. Vandana had complete faith that Baba will help in constructing the house. And truly, despite their financial hurdles, with Baba’s blessings, they constructed the house within five months after this incident.

Since then, Mrs. Vandana and her family’s faith grew and they have dedicated their life to Baba. They have formed a group named ‘Sai Smaran’ and for the last 11 years, every Sunday, they conduct Sai Bhajans in different devotees’ houses in Bangaluru. Besides this, once a year they go to Shirdi with the entire group (varying from 150-300 devotees), conduct Bhajans and have a Palki procession.

Today, they have constructed three more floors, out of it one is dedicated to Baba, where His idol and photographs are worshipped every day. Every Thursday they have Bhajans, and on occasions like Ram Navami, Guru Poornima, Vijayadashmi, etc. hundreds of devotees’ are drenched in spiritual gaiety.


By sharing your experience / Leela your helping to spread the greatness / awareness of Shirdi Sai Baba.


Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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