Assurance in dream - cure in reality

óBy Sai Devotee

Sairam ,Where do I begin where do I start to write of the One whose name is entwined in every breath of mine- One who is the Divine Father, mother, my all . Yes Baba, with your grace this pen moves to share with fellow devotees experiences that go beyond human mind and logic.

It all began in the summer of 64, when my atheist father boarded the AP express to be by his dying brother's bedside- the brother on whom doctors had given up because he was suffering from the incurable brain hemorrhage. My father had little hope of ever meeting his brother ; he was sure to get bad
news at the station itself for , in the 60's people seldom recovered from a brain hemorrhage.

Troubled and unhappy my father tried to grab some sleep but sleep eluded him and hours later when he dropped into a slumber, a Fakir appeared in his dream asking him not to worry and that his brother Inder would soon recover. Saying this fakir vanished and my father too pushed aside
the dream.

On detraining at Secunderabad station my father was told that Inder's condition was stable and as the days went by the patient recovered with amazing speed and was soon out of the hospital. Doctors said it was a miraculous recovery and we realized it was divine intervention.-Sai's intervention.

As mentioned earlier, my father then, was not a God believer so thoughts of the Fakir seldom bothered him, but I think Baba had sown a seed somewhere, at the back of his mind he did wonder if there was a connection between The Fakir and the miraculous recovery of his brother??!!.

A year later (somewhere near Ambala) my Dad saw the same Fakir smiling at him through a neat photo frame in a friends room.

Who is he? Asked Dad.

Shirdi Sai Baba


Shirdi Sai Baba the God I believe said Chitnis my Dad's friend. His tomb is at Shirdi; you can feel His divine presence there. The more your faith the stronger the feeling.

I can take you there. My father's curiosity was aroused. He was interested in going.He had felt the power of the Fakir in dream and his healing touch in his brothers life in real .My father had to go and he went .

We, the devotees of Baba do know that Baba draws you to Him ,you do not go to HIM and so it was with my father who accompanied Chitnis the
first time and then went so many many times . Needless to say there has been no looking back since than and Baba came in our life with my Father . For Baba had entered our home. He was here to stay, to bless us, to be with us. We can't thank you enough, Sai!

Sri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai



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