Leela -246 - Story of Baba's Smoking Pipe


 I live in San Jose California and I wanted to share a miracle about Babaís smoking pipe. I have been a Babaís devotee for many years now and have lived in US for over 13 years. Many of my experiences have been published on this blog.

In August last year i.e in August 2015, my Dad was admitted to the hospital here due to severe Pneumonia. I was very worried as he was on visitorís visa so I would often ask Baba, how his health would be and when will he recover from his illness. He had severe breathing problem and had infections in his lungs. I asked in a website, and I got the answer that donate a smoking pipe and tobacco to Baba and all your problems will be over and the sick person will recover. So I ordered the pipe from Amazon and went to the nearby temple which had a Sai Baba idol and offered it there. After that my dad slowly and steadily recovered. Today the day is 27the Oct, (Thursday), I had lost my job 2 months back and I was very tensed and nervous due to various problems I was facing. So again I asked Baba in the questions and answer site, He replied, "donate a white dhoti to a Brahmin, donate a smoking pipe and donate some khichadi in the temple. So I again ordered the pipe from Amazon, made khichadi at home and ordered dhoti from Amazon, I went to the temple to offer everything. As soon as I reached the temple, the Madhayan aarti started. I started taking out the things from my bag to offer it to Baba. Suddenly an elderly lady came forward to help me out and said that she would offer it to Baba after the arti is over. Then she said me take out the pipe, and she asked me did you offer this pipe last year to Baba. I said yes. They still use the pipe that I offered at the temple every day when they offer naivedyam to Baba. Then we both joined the aarti.

After the arti got over, that lady came up to me and said-"thanks for saving my grandson". I was surprised and I looked at her and couldn't understand what she was saying. She then told me the whole story. She told me when I had to come to offer the pipe last year, she was in the temple and the priest had asked her to offer the pipe to Baba. She had asked for my permission and I had allowed her to do so. And she had also asked me why I was offering the pipe to Baba, I told her because my dad was very ill. It seems on that day last year, her grandson was born and he was very critically ill. His umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and the doctors had said that he would not survive if he was not operated. He was in Seattle, and the temple was in San Jose. After that, that lady also offered the pipe to Baba, the pipe that I had brought. The baby was operated on his neck and the operation was successful. She told me that the baby boy is now a year old. She had been looking for me for the past 1 year to thank me but she did not know me or have my number. She asked all other ladies at the temple about me, but no one knew about me either. She embraced me and thanked me repeatedly, I was like I haven't done anything, thank Baba. He only arranges everything. I had no plans to go to the temple today but as Baba is the wire-puller of this world, He arranges everything. So we should not worry and surrender everything at His holy feet and He will take care of everything. Baba please take care of my little daughter and keep her healthy. Take care of my parentís health.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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