Leela -257 - Sai's love and blessing on me

Om Sai Ram to all Sai devotees. I am a Sai daughter from India. This is second time I am sharing my experience on this site. I wish to thank the Team for giving us this wonderful platform, wherein children of our beloved Sai like Myself and others, can express their heart felt Gratitude towards Him and at the same time can serve as a source of motivation for His devotees. Really appreciate your efforts in maintaining this blog. My Lord Sai itís You, who is making me to share this experience. With full faith in You, I wish to share three recent experiences of mine, wherein You have showed me that You are always there with us and protect Your children in all phases of life. 

1st Experience: I am working as a HR professional in a manufacturing organization. Last year in July 2016, I had resigned being fed up of my boss who had mentally tortured me for more than 5 years. I didn't have any other job offer in my hand at that time. I had left everything to my Sai and had taken that decision of quitting. I had full faith that my Sai would definitely help me in getting a new job in few monthsí time. My boss tried to jack me up by escalating my resignation matter to our ED and tried to put me under mental stress. For few hours I was tensed, but then I decided to leave everything to Sai Pa and requested Him to do what was right for me. I was in a mind frame that whatever would happen, it would be by my Sai's Grace and I would accept that as His Blessings. I went to office that morning, and again went up to meet ED to seek his approval for getting relieved on 13th Aug 2016. But my Sai had some different plan for me. ED inquired with me the reasons for resigning. I had decided to leave the organisation on good terms; hence didnít mention him about politics played by my boss but just gave him few reasons related to salary and role change that I expected as other employees generally give. He said he will take care of all my demands and wanted me stay back. Inspite of this, I refused to go and work back in that department. From that statement of mine ED understood and promised that he will ensure that no one will ever harass/torture me. He got me transferred to his department with a new role and changed my reporting directly to him in a single day. By the end of the day, I had my transfer letter in my hand. My seating arrangement was also changed immediately. Everything got changed in a spur of a moment and I was free from all the mental stress, which I was undergoing for last 5 years. All thanks to my Sai Pa, Who came in the form of our ED and got me out of the problem bringing in peace in my life. Om Sai Ram! 

2nd Experience : On 23rd Jan 2017, I was supposed to attend a group meditation session immediately after office. As I was in hurry, had kept my mobile in my sweatshirt pocket while driving back home on my two wheeler. After completion of meditation session, I came home and searched for my mobile. Then I realised that I had misplaced it somewhere. I called on my cell from my Mom's no. and the person who had found my mobile told me that my mobile had fallen down on the road, on my way back from office. In today's world, it is difficult to get back lost things especially mobiles. But when Sai Pa is here why should we fear. Everything was taken care of by Him. The person who had found my mobile not only protected my mobile from coming under vehicle wheel but also was generous enough to return my mobile to me. He happened to work in our sister concernorganisation in same premises. Hence, I got my cell back without any damage and efforts. All thanks to my Lord Sai for His Blessings and unconditional love. Om Sai Ram! 

3rd Experience: My matrimonial search was on for last one and half year. During this process, I was interacting with a guy whose profile was liked by me and my parents. I had actually started liking him and we used to keep exchanging messages everyday on what's app. One weekend when we were chatting in casual way, I said something in an immature way, which I shouldn't have said to him. Afterwards thinking about it, got me very tensed. I prayed to Lord Sai to forgive me for my mistake and promised to be careful in my conversation in future. Sai Pa being merciful took care of the situation and that guy didn't mind my words and our friendship got saved. Next weekend, this guy started behaving in weird fashion. He was not replying to my messages that often. He said he would be busy with his friends on Sunday evening and would message once he was back home. I was eagerly waiting for his message but again no message from his side. I got very tensed and prayed to Lord Sai, if You feel he is good guy for me then let this relationship continue else close it. Then on Monday morning I received messages from him. But afterwards when I messaged him, again there was no reply. I was feeling very tensed and low. In that I lost my cell as I had mentioned in my 2nd experience. I had full faith in my Sai Pa and felt that this situation Sai Pa has brought into my life to show me real picture about that guy. Two days I was unable to contact him, as I didn't have my cell with me. Wednesday morning I got my cell back and when I checked, to my surprise I had got calls and messages from that guy inquiring as where I had disappeared suddenly. Then when I messaged him, he got mad at me for not being in touch. When I called him, I got to know from his talks that he was actually worried for me and was about to call my mom to inquire about me. This is what I wanted to know and by my Sai's Grace I got to know this caring aspect of his nature. I had prayed to Lord Sai that if that guy calls my mom to inquire about me, I will share this experience on this site. I am really, really thankful to my Sai from bottom of my heart in full faith for all His Love, Blessings, guidance, help and protection. Om Sai Ram! Anant Koti Brahmand Nayak Raja Dhiraj Yogiraj Par Brahm Shri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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