Leela -234 - Baba, Most caring Deva

Om Sai Ram to all the cute children of Shri Sai. I would like to share a beautiful leela of our Deva with everyone. I was praying from a very long time to visit Shirdi but nothing was finalising. But Baba called me to Shirdi when I never expected. There was an instant plan to leave for Shirdi and finally it worked. I donít need to mention that how wonderful trip it was. I would like to share few magical moments of the trip.

Firstly I have a strange problem that I cannot sleep in a new place for at least one day and it makes me very dull and weak whenever I go out for a stay. I was praying to Saima to give me a sound sleep in Shirdi and you know what, I slept like never before. Such beautiful sleep as if I was sleeping on Sai mumma's lap. All three days I got such nice sleep. Thanks to Saima. I wished to attend Aarti in Mandir and get a red rose from Baba as a reply to my I Love You. We did darshan 3 times but I was not able to get the red rose nor could I attend the Aarti. I was so sad. I kept praying and saying Sorry to Baba. Last day of our Shirdi stay arrived. It was the auspicious day of Thursday. As we entered, the temple was fully packed. We entered at 10 am and it was about 12 when noon Aarti started and we sat in the Mandir hall and sang Aarti for our Saima. It was so beautiful. Then after 2 hours we reached our Babajaan. I told Saima that I want a rose from You. As I handed over my roses to pujariji and spread my hand in front of Him, he smiled sweetly and asked you want? For which I nodded my head. We both smiled and I could see Baba in him. He gave me a red rose and peda from Samadhi of Baba. I was jumping with happiness that Baba loves me and crying as it was the time to say bye to Saima. I ate peda after coming out of Mandir and had lunch approximately at 4pm. After all this I realised the leela of our Lord. I always keep fast on Thursday, visit the Mandir, worship Baba with roses, sing Aarti at home and then eat Baba's Prasad laddu after which I take food. Baba made me follow the same procedure there in His own unique ways. How can I thank You Baba. Thank You for making my sister recover from disease and safely completing our journey. Your love is the purest. Sorry Saima. Thank You for everything. Om Sai Ram.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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