Sai Leela-311 - Baba's Miracle on a Little Boy

This is a story of a faithful devotee of Baba, who is also my friend. I usually do Bajanís of Baba & various God in houses where they invite me. Same way I was once called in my friendís house to do a Bhajan for Baba. Family consisted of my friend, his wife & their Son who was born after many years of their marriage and hence was so much loved & pampered by entire family.

With Babaís blessing we completed the Bhajan successfully.

This incident happened after a week of Bhajan.

Once the boy was playing in his house, where house is situated in the 2nd floor of the apartment. Security of the apartment was speaking to someone in the corridor and the boy started peeping down the corridor and lost his balance as a result he slipped and fell down from the 2nd floor of the apartment. He fell down and his head was severely hurt. They took him to a nearby hospital and I was informed by my friend to pray to Baba for their sonís life.

The doctors in the hospital after diagnosing the child gave a ďNO HOPEĒ and they said they need to observe the child for next 48 hours and if Child is not gaining consciousness itís going to be difficult to save him and so the countdown started.  My Friend and his wife were crying to peak were not able to understand what to do. So I soon rushed to Hospital and they started crying and said that the doctors had no hope and they are going to miss the child. They also cried saying Baba is not looking at us.

There was a small statue of Baba on the lobby of Hospital and I just went and prayed to Baba that the incident had happened after doing Bhajan last week in their house and I prayed him saying that if you donít show your miracle now then the faith of Baba and your Bhajanís will reduce in people. I kept on praying to Baba and left everything in his feet.

The Kid showed no response till 48th Hour and I was not able to control my friendís family.  Suddenly doctors came out of the ICU and informed that the Child is showing some movement and also his PULSE has started gaining normalcy.  After couple of hours child gained consciousness and showed signs of recovery. Doctors termed it a medical miracle and who else would have done this miracle none other than Baba.

In the next few weeks, child got completely cured and my friendís family Planned to conduct a Bhajan of Baba again in their house to Thank Baba and the child was the one who started the Bhajan this time. Such is the miracle of Baba.

ďIf you Look to me, I look to YouĒ Ė 11 saying of Baba is realistic. If you look at him with real faith and leave it in is feet, he will surely look to You and save you from all problems.

Jai Sairam.

As Narrated by a devotee of Baba.

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