Sai Leela-308 - Sai Baba never forgets his true devotees


Baba’s Leelas are unfathomable. As it is rightly said in Sai Satcharitra Chapter – 3, Baba wishes his devotees to spread his Leelas which would give him immense happiness.


Leelas could range from appearing in devotees’ dreams to curing devotees’ pains.


I would like to share one such simple yet powerful Leela of our dearest Baba.


My relative had come down to India from abroad to perform his father’s annual death ceremony. He was thinking of Baba throughout the day and had stepped out in the evening.


Subconsciously, he was thinking of Baba and was upset that he could not visit him this time.


It so happened that the cab in which he got into had a Baba sticker behind which he did not even notice. To his surprise, the driver took a different route saying “He wants to have Baba’s glimpse and chose the route across the temple”. My relative was extremely elated and had tears rolling down his eyes. He had a wonderful Darshan that evening.


Baba never disappoints or forgets his true devotees.

-  by Varadharajan Mani


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